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1st August, 2023 Polity

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Context: The Central Government has suspended the Director of the International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS) over recruitment irregularities.


  • The International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS) is an autonomous institution located in Mumbai, India. It serves as a premier research and training centre in the field of population studies. The institute was established in 1956 under the joint sponsorship of Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, the Government of India and the United Nations.
    • It has established itself as the premier Institute for training and research in Population Studies for developing countries in the Asia and Pacific region.
  • It is an autonomous agency under the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare that is involved in important studies such as the National Family Health Survey, the Assessment of National Rural Health Mission, and the Global Adult Tobacco Survey.

Key Activities of IIPS

  • Research: IIPS conducts research on various aspects of population and related issues, including fertility, mortality, migration, family planning, reproductive health, and demographic changes.
  • Training: The institute offers specialized training programs and courses in population studies, demography, and related fields. These programs aim to build human resource capacity and expertise in population research and analysis.
  • Data Collection and Analysis: IIPS is involved in data collection and analysis through surveys and research projects related to population and health. It also collaborates with national and international agencies to gather valuable demographic data.
  • Policy Support: IIPS provides technical assistance and policy support to governments and organizations on population-related matters. Its research findings and expertise contribute to evidence-based policymaking.
  • Publications: The institute publishes various research papers, reports, and books related to population studies, making its research findings accessible to the academic and policy community.
  • Collaboration: IIPS collaborates with national and international organizations, universities, and research institutions to foster a global network for population research and knowledge exchange.

The International Institute for Population Sciences plays a crucial role in understanding population dynamics, shaping population policies, and addressing demographic challenges in India and beyond. Its work contributes significantly to the field of demography and population studies, helping to inform decision-makers and promote sustainable development and well-being for populations worldwide.

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