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As we all know, during our preparation, we are told to read the newspaper(The Hindu, Indian Express, LiveMint, Business Standard etc.) everyday and pay special attention to the editorials and OP-eds which are published in them. However students encounter some challenges like:

1.They don’t know which editorial/article is more important and which is not?

2.They are confused regarding the issue –If they should read more than one newspaper and their editorials too every day? It may take 4-5 hours every day.

3.And the most important issue is, an editorial or Op-ed is often biased and contains partial information. So, to get the holistic view of a particular topic, a student has to read the issue in various editorials over a number of days, weeks or even months.

To counter these challenges, we present you Our initiative, Daily Editorials. Here, we select one important editorial topic everyday from all the above mentioned newspapers and we cover it holistically, so that a student need not read tens of articles to frame a point of view over a topic. These editorials can be used as readymade notes for the examination.