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UPSC Preliminary examination is just the first stage of the Civil Services Examination but not necessarily the simplest! Over the years, Prelims exam has become the biggest and dicey hurdle due to the changing pattern of questions, fierce competition and low-selection ratio.

Albeit a gateway to the Mains examination, Prelims is just a screening phase and this has to be remembered! It is the Mains examination where an aspirant could show his or her depth of understanding of a subject, analytical skills, logical thinking and answer writing skills.

Thus, to tackle the unconventional questions in the Prelims examination, hard work needs to be supplemented with smart work and a well laid down strategy. Keeping this into account, APTI PLUS Academy for Civil Services has come up with Prelims Xpress – a unique course that synthesized smart work, innovation and threadbare analysis of the latest pattern of questions. Prelims Xpress makes you ready for the examination with regular mock tests, multiple revisions of important current affairs topics (weeding out the unnecessary ones) along with the valuable guidance and motivation provided by India’s most renowned mentors.

The coverage of a year current affair is a mammoth task in itself. Therefore we have divided the year round current affair in two half. 

Prelims Xpress

This volume will cover current affairs from June 2021 to February 2022. The topics are comprehensively covered for Prelims and the repeated revision of the topics can help in tackling any questions pertaining to the topics. Prelims Xpress covers the entire current affair under 8 major subject:

Polity: All the important current topics have been covered in the magazine along with cases, articles, laws and examples for better understanding of the topic.

Economy: The mammoth happenings taking place in the economy has been covered in comprehensive way in the magazine for easy and quick understanding of the concepts along with facts.

Science and Technology: With more than 100 topics covered, the magazine provides all the important facts for the S&T topics of UPSC Prelims.

Social Issues: The magazine covers all the current affair topics pertaining to the society with data, facts and examples.

Environment and Geography: Wide coverage of topics have been done considering the high weightage of Environment in the UPSC Prelims. Not only topics have been explained but we have also included diagrams, pictures, map etc wherever possible.  

International Affairs: All the major international happenings are covered in the magazine along with maps.

Art and Culture: It covers all the recent news related to art and culture. Pictures have been added wherever possible for easy remembrance of the students.

Government Schemes: A one stop solution for covering all the government schemes. Along with brief introduction all the government schemes are covered under 48 broad headings.

Prelims Xpress Volume II

With the Prelims 2022 commencing on 5th June 2022 , we will be releasing the Prelims Xpress Volume II compilation in the month of April.