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About Us

About Us

Who are we?  

IASGYAN, the brainchild of Aptiplus Academy which is the best UPSC coaching in Kolkata and the best UPSC coaching in Bhubaneswar, is an online education student-centric platform that overcomes the barriers of distanceand empowers CSE aspirants with quality education. IASGYAN imparts the most innovative online tools that allow students to prepare for UPSC CSE, WBCS, and OPSC OAS at their convenience.

With a venerable legacy and nationwide acclaim, APTI PLUS Academy is the top IAS coaching in Kolkata and the best IAS coaching in Bhubaneswar known for its highest academic standards, distinguished faculty, illustrious alumni and modern infrastructure. 

It was established in the year 2005-06 with the vision to be the centre of excellence and mission of mentoring, nurturing and producing the maximum number of civil servants from Eastern India. 

Its long-term commitment to nation-building and unflinching adherence to the highest standards and best practices in terms of quality of education and mentors is reflected by the phenomenal results it has been producing year after year, in IAS, OAS& WBCS.  With unprecedented success in recent years (UPSC – 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022), APTI PLUS Academy for Civil Services Pvt. Ltd has set a new benchmark by producing the highest number of IAS, IPS, IFS & IRS officers from Eastern India.

It has had the honours to produce top ranks in the recent years’ AIR 2, 4, 8, and 9 in CSE 2022 (16 selections in the top 100). Total 150+ selections.

This best OPSC coaching in Bhubaneswar and best OAS coaching in Bhubaneswar has produced top ranks such as 1, 2 and 4 (7 in top 10, 14 in top 20) in OPSC OAS 2020. Total 305+ selections. Further, this best WBCS coaching in Kolkata providing the online coaching for WBCS produced high ranks such as 2nd in WBCS 2020.

The Institute has received numerous accolades:

  • “Times of India Business Award 2022” for Best Civil Services Coaching.
  • “Best Civil and State Services Coaching Institute in Odisha” award by Indian Leadership Awards 2021.
  • “Best Civil and State Services Coaching Institute in West Bengal and Odisha” by Global Education Excellence Awards, 2019.
  • “Best Civil Services Coaching Institute in Odisha” by World Education Summit & Awards, 2018.
  • “Best Coaching Institute” by Worldwide Achievers at World Education Summit, New Delhi 2017.

The Institute re-structures its courses and modifies its pedagogy according to the dynamic nature of the exam, thereby, providing the most comprehensive and relevant guidance to the aspirants.

The Academy has drawn in the most imminent faculty members from across India, which is why, quality teaching, individual attention and an all-inclusive education have become the hallmark of the Institute.

Thinking behind the initiative:

They say UPSC CSE is a tough nut to crack. Yes, the syllabus is huge but it is not tough. It is said Delhi is Mecca for all UPSC aspirants looking for best UPSC Coaching/ best IAS coaching, but it’s not really true.

Civil services job, whether at the central or at the state level, is considered as the most coveted job in India. It is a dream of millions as reflected in the number of aspirants who apply for these jobs, but unfortunately, many fail to achieve their dream despite they being deserving aspirants. Aspirants rush to Delhi looking for best IAS Coaching but get swayed in the ocean of this coaching nexus. Despite being potential leaders of tomorrow, they fail, primarily because of lack of proper guidance or even worse, misguidance from many low-quality coaching centres charging exorbitant fees.

UPSC CSE preparation needs smart work, quality guidance, proper strategies with constructive matter and specific set of good resources.

What if there is a source for UPSC Civil Services Coaching and Online IAS Preparation  which would sort out all this for you and provide you with a complete solution to it.

APTI PLUS- Eastern India’s best UPSC Coaching has come up with this app for best IAS Coaching and Online IAS Preparation through which it provides  one stop solution for all CSE aspirants wherein you get access to expert guidance and vast quality of high  quality content from every nook and corner of India on your android device.It ensures that no best brains in the country is left out of UPSC exam competition due to inaccessibility of expensive UPSC Civil Services Coaching.


We, at IASGYAN, have the vision to help each CSE aspirant achieve success.We aim to make UPSC CSE preparation affordable so that maximum number of students can benefit from the service provided by us to nurture their dreams and aspirations.IASGYAN offers that kind of content which is easy to access and is developed by a team of highly experienced faculties and top-rated content developers.IASGYAN doesn’t believe in imagination but in the experience of ‘Smart Learning Opportunity’ - that is flexible as per your time, convenience and money.

IASGYAN aims at succouring students in surviving in this CSE competitive world as academia is not without its own challenges. We understand the needs of the UPSC CSE aspirants and offer the most exhaustive collection of online academic content. IASGYAN provides the best UPSC coaching/ best IAS coaching and the best UPSC CSE test series and  has got a plethora of learning resources in addition to the online courses for various academic needs. IASGYAN aims at ousting any kind of obstacles that come in the way of students in climbing the ladder of success no matter where they are!

One should choose IASGYAN over other online platforms because this best UPSC coaching/ best IAS coaching will provide all the very best material to the students who comes for the preparation of various competitive examination such as UPSC CSE, WBCS, OAS OPSC.

This online platform for UPSC Civil Services Coaching and Online IAS Preparation provides maximum relevant material from all relevant sources in a very constructive and concise format which makes the journey for an UPSC aspirant makes soulful and interesting. This is a resourceful medium on which aspirants can depend on and have faith as, always it is referred to and for each and every aspect of UPSC CSE preparation saving precious time and energy. This top education-technology platform in the field of Online IAS Preparation has been designed to help IAS aspirants clear the UPSC Civil Services Exam with utmost ease. Charles Mingus said that making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity. This online platform for UPSC Civil Services Coaching and Online IAS Preparation has developed unique ways of achieving the same.

Rated among the top quality online learning platforms for UPSC Civil Services Coaching and Online IAS Preparation by CSE aspirants, IASGYAN provides comprehensive study package for UPSC CSE. Its growing popularity is a sign of its quality!! This online platform for UPSC Civil Services Coaching and Online IAS Preparation receives thousands of page views per month. Its social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, Telegram) are one of the most popular social media pages of UPSC Civil Services Coaching and Online IAS Preparation with thousands of followers. But these are just numbers. Real enthusiasm comes from aspirants who acknowledge the quality of service of this online platform providing UPSC Civil Services Coaching and Online IAS Preparation.

It provides A-Z Current affairs for UPSC CSE and its online activities which go on 24x7 will keep you motivated till you succeed. This online platform provides maximum relevant material from all relevant sources in a very constructive and concise format which makes the journey for an UPSC aspirant makes soulful and interesting.This is a resourceful medium on which aspirants can depend on and have faith as, always it is referred to and for each and every aspect of UPSC CSE preparation saving precious time and energy.

Features include Personal Mentorship Program, Compilation of PIB/Yojana/Kurukshetra, Daily MCQ Mini and mains Tests, Daily Video Editorials, Answer writing challenge, Daily news analysis from exam relevant topics, Monthly Magazine IASGAZETTE, Mind Maps, AIR & RSTV Discussions, Previous year papers, mock tests, info graphics, Mindmaps etc.

IASGYAN is a one stop solution website for an UPSC aspiring student, it would sort out at least 30 to 40% of the problems regarding the preparation, this website also includes motivational articles and success stories, strategies of previous year toppers.

Why IASGYAN is a must for UPSC Civil Services Coaching and Online IAS Preparation?

This online platform gives you access to APTI PLUS’s virtual learning campus that is Distance Learning Program and Regular Classroom Program for Prelims and Mains (GS, CSAT, Essay and Optional) through its Advanced Management Learning System.

A-Z Current affairs for UPSC CSE and its online activities which go on 24x7 will keep you motivated till you succeed. You get access to All India Mock Tests, compilation of PIB/Yojana/Kurukshetra, Daily MCQ Mini and Mains Tests, Daily Editorials and News Analysis , Answer Writing Challenge, Monthly Magazine, Mind Maps, AIR & RSTV Discussions, Important reports, Info graphics and much more.

Focus areas of this online platform providing Top IAS Coaching:

Initiatives in detail:

  • Advanced Learning Management System (LMS): Through this, aspirants get best quality of online IAS education delivered straight to their home through India's Top Educators.
  • Distance Learning Program: one gets access to Distance Learning course-a carefully designed study approach for UPSC Civil Services Coaching and Online IAS Preparationwith the aim to bridge the gap between source of information and the learners and to help aspirants who are not able to join classroom classes get the expertise & proficiency of APTI PLUS- Eastern India’s top IAS coaching at the comfort of their home. The programme is known for its highly researched content, best preparatory tools and benefits like self-inspiration, ease of accessibility, time savvy, easy access to the experts.
  • Home Learning Program: This Virtual (Live/Online) Classroom Program for Online IAS Preparation is in line with the changing dimensions of the UPSC preparation process. Various courses are on offer such as Foundation Course, Regular Course (Prelims + Mains).
  • IAS GAZETTE Monthly Magazine: Current Affairs form an important aspect of the UPSC examination and therefore it is important for the students to pay proper attention to the subject.  Realizing the importance of current affairs, different facet of current affairs are covered through different initiatives like Daily News Analysis, Daily Editorial, Monthly Gist of Yojana/Kurukshetra/PIB, AIR - Discussion, RSTV, Mind Maps.  IAS Gazette covers summary of all the above.  The facts along with MCQ will help aspirants for UPSC Prelims, the in-depth analysis of the topic will help for General Study Mains, Essay and Interview.   
  • Prelims/ Mains Xpress: These high-quality revolutionized learning modules have been rigorously designed to ensure that aspirants are ready for the examination and are able to manage micro detailing of subjects, tackle unconventional questions.
  • Mock Test Series: Appearing in Test Series is of utmost importance in CSE preparation to gauge the level of preparation and strategize the study accordingly. Quality Mock Tests for Prelims & Mains are provided (Strictly in line with current UPSC standard & pattern) with same quality and environment for real time exam conditioning. Mock test platform helps to learn and compete with thousands of aspirants, pan-India and in real-time.
  • Daily Prelims and Mains Mini Test: Daily Prelims Mini Tests section contains MCQs from newspapers as well as from the static subjects on rotational basis. Daily answer writing (both from static and current affairs) section intends to provide an opportunity to practise mains answer writing on a daily basis.
  • Daily Editorials and Daily News Analysis: Daily Editorials’ wherein, one important editorial topic is selected every day from all the important newspapers and covered holistically, so that a student need not read tens of articles to frame a point of view over a topic. ‘Daily News Analysis’ provides the summary of all the relevant news of the day. These summaries are concise and other important fact, data, examples, cases etc are incorporated other than what is covered in news so that one gets every information pertaining to the exam.
  • Infographics: To make the CSE preparation more engrossing and captivating, IASGYAN has come up with the Infographics where aspirants can find these graphic visual representations on current-affairs based issues. Using this visually catchy and engaging medium to provide information, data and knowledge,  IAS GYAN intends to present information quickly and clearly and further aims to ensure that the complex topics are understood by the aspirants in an easier manner.
  • Important Reports: There are many reports released by the Government of India as well as various institutions that are important for UPSC Examination. These reports are more important for Mains and Interview perspective as they not only provide key data and analysis but also government vision. However some of these original reports contain 1000 of pages and all are not relevant for exams perspective. IASGYAN concises the report according to the exam perspective and provides only the information necessary for examination. So, this saves both time and energy which can be used to cover the mammoth syllabus of UPSC Examination.
  • Mind Maps: It is very important for understanding Mains Issues as Mind Maps cover only important points relevant for examination. Since it is in diagram format, the image gets imprinted and helps in easy recall and retention. It reduces the time required for revision and many topics can be covered into few sheets. It is helpful for essay where we have to structure the essay before attempting it.
  • Summary of Yojana, Kurukshetra and PIB: aspirants getsummary of these magazines which are one of the best as it not only provides the relevant information but also it is presented in a simple and lucid language for easy memorization.
  • AIR Summary: Programs like Spotlight, Current Affairs, Money Talk, Countrywide broadcasted by the All India Radio are of immense importance for UPSC Preparation. The programs help in building multidimensional perspective on the social, political, cultural and economic issues in the country. However, listening to so many programs can consume a lot of precious time that can be rather invested in studying and revising for the exam. To ease preparation process, IASGYAN provides with summary of AIRDiscussions every week covering all the important and relevant topics holistically.
  • RSTV Summary: The shows on Rajya Sabha TV deal with the social, political, cultural and economic issues in the country. The RSTV programs are informative and present multiple perspectives on the issues in the news.  Merely watching the Rajya Sabha TV shows is not enough and candidates need to make notes and align the same with the UPSC syllabus. Here summary of all the important news covered comes handy for aspirants. They can read just the summary to get insight of all the key topics being discussed.
  • IAS Toppers Interview: Straight from the horse’s mouth. Know the strategies of UPSC toppers.