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2nd March, 2023 Economy

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  • Recently, the 36th Anniversary Celebrations of Spices Board was held at Kochi.


  • As part of its 36th anniversary celebrations, a panel discussion with spice industry leaders and exporters on doubling exports was organised. The panel discussion witnessed active participation of experts from different sectors of the spice industry and representatives of spice exporters associations.
  • On its 36th Foundation Day, Spices Board also organised a nation-wide campaign on ‘Clean and Safe Spices’ covering  more than 20 states/UT to spread the message and awareness on food safety and quality of spices for producing surplus quality 

Spices Board

  • The Spices Board under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, is a flagship regulatory and export promotion agency for Indian spices.
  • The board is headquartered in Kochi.

[Note: Kochi is known by a lot of nicknames such as God's Own Country and the Queen of the Arabian Sea. It has also been known as the Spice Capital of the world, since ancient times.]

  • Spices Board was constituted in 1987under Spices Board Act 1986 with the responsibility of production/development of cardamom and export promotion of 52 spices shown in the schedule of the Act.
  • The Board functions an international link between the Indian exporters and the importers abroad and it has been involved in various activities which touch upon every segment of the spices sector.

Main Functions

The main functions of the Spices Board are the following:

  1. Research, Development and Regulation of domestic marketing of Small & Large Cardamom;
  2. Post-harvest improvement of all spices;
  3. Export promotion of all spices and assisting exporters in technology upgradation, quality management, brand promotion, research & product development;
  4. Development of spices in the North East;
  5. Regulation of quality of spices for exports through its quality evaluation services; etc.

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Q) Which of the following statements is/are correct?

a. The Spices Board under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, is headquartered in Bengaluru.

b. India became a member of Codex Alimentarius in 1964.

 I. Only a

II. Only b

III. Both a and b

IV. Neither a nor b

Answer: Option II