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26th October, 2023 International Relations

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  • October 24 is designated as United Nations (UN) Day.

United Nations (UN) Day


  • United Nations (UN) Day marks the coming into force of the treaty popularly known as the UN Charter in 1945.


  • The day marks the anniversary of the day when the UN Charter entered into force in 1945.
  • On October 24, 1945, the United Nations was officially established.
  • 2 years later, the United Nations General Assembly in 1947 announced the Charter of the United Nations as the one which “shall be devoted to making known to the people of the world the aims and achievements of the United Nations and to gaining their support for its work”.
  • In 1971, the organization adopted United Nations Resolution 2782 and declared that the United Nations Day ought to be an international observance.
  • The resolution suggested that the United Nations member states observe October 24 as a public holiday too.


  • The primary objectives of the charter, are
    • to “save succeeding generations from the scourge of war”,
    • to reaffirm “faith in fundamental human rights” and
    • to promote “social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom”.

Declaration of public holiday

  • In 1971, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a further resolution (United Nations Resolution 2782) declaring that United Nations Day shall be an international observance or international holiday and recommended that it should be observed as a public holiday by United Nations member states.


  • United Nations Day offers the opportunity to amplify the common agenda and reaffirm the purposes and principles of the UN Charter that has guided the nation for the past 76 years.

United Nations Day Theme 2023

  • Individuals and nations are drawn towards the United Nations Day 2023 theme of “Equality, Freedom and Justice for All.”
  • This brings us back to the UN’s constant loyalty to these basic principles noted in the UDHR.
  • The theme symbolizes a rallying cry that calls upon the UN and its supporters to rededicate themselves to human rights and strive towards a world where equality, freedom and justice are reality rather than mere ideals.
  • The UN Day 2023 marks the journey of the international organisation from its establishment in 1945 till today when it is a sign of hope and unity.
  • This year's theme encourages everyone to continue the search for a world that functions under these values to live a life based on these principles so the world can be a better place to reside.

Significance of United Nations Day

  • This year UN Day has added importance because it commemorates the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).
  • The declaration, consisting of 30 articles, acts as a blueprint for the UN.
  • This played a positive role in initiating the ratification of a multitude of human rights treaties globally.
  • The 75th anniversary of the UDHR is an occasion for advancing the cause of universal, indivisible human rights and promoting advocacy and accountability.
  • It highlights the continuing significance of human rights as an internationally recognised cornerstone.


Q. Consider the following statements:

1.United Nations (UN) Day marks the coming into force of the treaty popularly known as the UN Charter in 1945.

2.The United Nations Day 2023 theme is “Equality, Freedom, and Justice for All.”

3.2023 UN Day commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

How many of the above statements are correct?

A) Only 1

B) Only 2

C) All 3

D) None

Answer: B) Only 2