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Electricity Rules: Timely connection, 24×7 supply

24th December, 2020 Polity

Context: The government notified rules that would allow consumers in India to access continuous supply of quality, reliable electricity.

  • The Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Rules, 2020 serve to “empower” citizens by laying down rights that make distribution companies more accountable to consumers.
  • There are exceptions to these rules for certain categories, according to the Ministry of Power.
  • The distribution licensee shall supply 24×7 power to all consumers. However, the Commission may specify lower hours of supply for some categories of consumers like agriculture
  • The move was “necessary” because distribution companies, regardless of whether they are public or private, are “monopolies”, and the consumer has no alternative.
  • The rules cover various aspects of power supply to consumers in the country, including obligations of distribution licensees, metering arrangements, release of new connections and modifications of existing connections and grievance redressal and compensation mechanisms.
  • To ensure compliance, the government will apply penalties that will be credited to the consumer’s account.
  • Electricity is a concurrent subject and the central government has the authority and the power to make laws regarding electricity.



India’s 1st LGBT+ workplace equality index

Context: Hotelier-activist Keshav Suri through his non-profit Keshav Suri Foundation, partnered with Pride Circle, Stonewall UK and FICCI, to bring the IWEI to India Inc.

India Workplace Equality Index’

  • The ‘India Workplace Equality Index’, touted as the country’s first comprehensive benchmarking tool for employers to measure their progress on LGBT+ inclusion at the workplace, was launched with its first report announcing winners from among 65 companies which shared data on their diversity and inclusion practices.
  • The IWEI comes two years after the Supreme Court’s landmark reading down of Section 377.
  • The index measures nine areas: policies and benefits, employee lifecycle, employee network group, allies and role models, senior leadership, monitoring, procurement, community engagement and additional work.
  • Twenty-one firms won under the gold category, while 18 were placed under silver and 13 got bronze.