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23rd June, 2022 Economy

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  • During a review meeting on the “Purple Revolution”, the Union Government stated that the revolution has encouraged Agri-tech StartUps.
  • Shifting to lavender cultivation is being called the purple revolution. It was initiated under Aroma Mission.
  • The aroma crop ensures high monetary returns, and therefore many farmers in hilly areas of Jammu and Kashmir are switching from traditional crops to aroma crops like lavender.
  • The aroma crops are both drought and pest-resistant.
  • The Government has also informed that they are planning to introduce the aroma crops in other hilly States with similar climatic conditions like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and the North-Eastern States.



Aroma Mission

  • Aromatic plants are used as natural medicines because of their medical properties. Aromatic Plants include lavender, damask rose, etc.
  • Aromatic plants are mainly used for oil extraction that is used in various industries: Cosmetics, Pesticides, flavouring and fragrance, Insect repellents and herbal beverages.
  • The Aroma Mission was started to promote the cultivation of aromatic crops.
  • The twin aim of the mission is to increase production to meet domestic demand and also to become a global leader in production and export.
  • Technical support from CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CSIR-CIMAP), Lucknow.
  • Government to Promote cooperatives for marketing activities, promotion of cultivation and processing of high-value aromatic plants, development of agro technologies, setting up of processing facilities, promoting Skill development, infrastructure support, Credit facilities, etc.


The expected outcome of the Mission:

  • Bring about an additional area of 5500 ha under aromatic crop cultivation.
  • Promoting aromatic crops in rain-fed/degraded land across the country.
  • Enhance technical and infrastructural support to farmers/growers all over the country.
  • Promote market buy-back mechanisms to ensure profitable prices for the farmers/growers.
  • This mission also aims to promote Job Creation, Rural Development, and Women empowerment.
  • It will generate employment, open research opportunities and promote development for the region.
  • Lavender Cultivation has the potential to double farmers' income.
  • By increasing aromatic crop production, India could take a big step towards achieving the goal of ‘Atmanirbhara Bharat’.