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Extension of Interest Equalisation Scheme

2nd July, 2024 Economy

Extension of Interest Equalisation Scheme

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  • The Department of Commerce has extended the Interest Equalisation Scheme for pre- and post-shipment rupee export credit for Micro, Small, and Medium-scale (MSME) exporters till August 31.
  • This extension aims to support MSME exporters, particularly in the garment sector, by alleviating high interest costs.

Recent Extension Details

  • Scheme Duration: Extended till August 31, with an allocated outlay of ₹750 crore.
  • Beneficiaries: Limited to MSME exporters; non-MSME exporters are excluded from the extension beyond June 30.
  • Terms: The existing terms of the scheme remain unchanged during the extended period.

Industry Impact

  • Garment Sector: Beneficial for labor-intensive garment exporters, predominantly comprising MSME units.
  • Challenges: Addressing high interest costs faced by exporters in the current economic environment.

Stakeholder Perspectives

  • Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC): Welcomes the extension as crucial for supporting MSMEs in the garment sector.
  • Call for Stability: Advocates for stable and predictable policy regimes, suggesting longer-term policy durations to enhance effectiveness.


  • The extension of the Interest Equalisation Scheme underscores government efforts to bolster MSME exporters amidst economic challenges, particularly in sectors like garment manufacturing.
  • Stakeholders emphasize the need for sustained policy stability to foster long-term growth and competitiveness in export markets.

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Q. Explain the objectives and impact of the Interest Equalisation Scheme on Micro, Small, and Medium-scale (MSME) exporters in India. How does this scheme contribute to enhancing their competitiveness in global markets?