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Crab plover

1st November, 2023 Environment

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  • Crab-plover has been recorded at Great Vedaranyam Swamp near Point Calimere.


  • Crab plover is a bird related to the waders, but sufficiently distinctive to merit its own family
  • It is the only member of the genus Dromas and is unique among waders in making use of ground warmth to aid the incubation of the eggs.
  • Its black-and-white plumage and long-necked upright posture with heavy bill make it distinctive.
  • The crab-plover is one of the species to which the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA) applies.
  • It is resident on the coasts and islands of the Indian Ocean, where it feeds on crabs and other small animals.
  • They breed around the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, Red Sea and Somalia.
  • They disperse across the Indian Ocean in August as far as the Andaman Islands and Sri Lanka in the east and Tanzania and Madagascar.
  • It nests in burrows in sandy banks.
  • The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) has categorized and evaluated the crab-plover species and has listed it as of "Least Concern"


Q. Recently, Crab Plover was in the news. What is it?

1)   Sea Horse Species

2)   Echinoderm Species

3)   Bee Species

4)   Bird Species

Which of the above option is correct?

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

Answer: D) 4