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30th October, 2023 Science and Technology

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Picture Courtesy: bhoonidhi.nrsc.gov.in

Context: The Bhoonidhi Data Hub operated by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) stands out as a gamechanger due to its comprehensive approach, offering open access to a diverse range of Earth observation satellites.

Key Points highlighting the significance of Bhoonidhi:

Comprehensive and Diverse Data


ISRO offers a variety of Earth observation satellites catering to different applications, including land and water resource monitoring, environmental monitoring, disaster management, and high-resolution imaging.

Cartosat-3, with a remarkable 0.3-meter spatial resolution, provides detailed and high-quality images, surpassing many other datasets in clarity.

ISRO's pricing for high-resolution imagery is significantly lower than commercial pricing from private satellites, making it accessible to a wider range of users.

Open Access and Commercial Use

Bhoonidhi provides free access to certain datasets, with plans to offer even higher-resolution (5-meter) data for free in the future.

It also allows the distribution of commercial data, enabling businesses and startups to leverage Earth observation data for various applications.


Innovative Applications

Earth observation data from Bhoonidhi is utilized across critical sectors, including climate change monitoring, disaster management, agriculture, defense, insurance, consumer insights, and asset monitoring.

Bhoonidhi has facilitated innovative ideas in collaborations with major businesses, leading to enriching different areas of their operations using ISRO’s data.

User-Friendly Features

Bhoonidhi offers user-friendly features such as simplified target area identification, event-driven input specifications, natural language text-based search options, and comparison tools for different satellite imagery.

It provides real-time access to satellite data, eliminating the need for extensive downloads, and offers a real-time satellite tracker for Earth observation missions.

Future Expansion and Integration

Bhoonidhi plans to offer a cloud computing environment, enabling users to perform data analysis and computations seamlessly.

The integration of Bhoonidhi with 'Codelab,' a platform similar to Google Colab, allows users to leverage ISRO’s infrastructure directly on their browsers, providing scalable computing and storage solutions.


  • Bhoonidhi Data Hub stands out due to its diverse satellite offerings, cost-effectiveness, innovative applications, user-friendly features, and plans for future expansion. It not only caters to the needs of various sectors but also fosters innovation and collaboration, making it a valuable resource in the field of Earth observation data.

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