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‘Cyrtodactylus vairengtensis’

16th November, 2023 Environment

‘Cyrtodactylus vairengtensis’

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  • Researchers have discovered new gecko species endemic to Mizoram.


  • The new species has been named ‘Cyrtodactylus vairengtensis’ after the town in Mizoram where it was found.
  • The common name suggested for the new species is ‘Vairengte bent-toed gecko’.
  • The new species is a moderate-sized gecko, with adults measuring between 57.6mm and 73.6mm.
  • “The distinct feature of this new species is the number of femoral pores which distinguishes it from other members of the Cyrtodactylus family.
  • Femoral pores are located on the underside of the hind legs in lizards that secrete a mixture of lipids and proteins and are thought to be used to attract mates and mark territories.