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5th October, 2023 International News

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Context: Armenia's Parliament voted to join the International Criminal Court (ICC), a move that strained its relationship with Russia. The decision was primarily based on Armenia's concerns about alleged aggression from Azerbaijan.

Key Highlights

  • Russia strongly opposed Armenia's move, considering it an "unfriendly step." Moscow's concerns were further amplified due to the ICC's arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin over events in Ukraine.
  • Armenia's relations with Russia have deteriorated in recent years, partly due to Armenia's alignment with the West, hosting joint military drills with U.S. troops, and acknowledging Azerbaijan's sovereignty over Nagorno-Karabakh, a move criticized by Moscow.
  • The ICC issued an arrest warrant for President Putin, alleging war crimes related to the deportation of children from Ukraine. Armenia assured Russia that Putin would not be arrested if he entered Armenia, but this did not entirely alleviate Russia's concerns.
  • Armenia proposed a bilateral agreement to address Russia's concerns about Putin's potential arrest. However, these proposals were still under discussion, reflecting the ongoing diplomatic efforts to find a resolution.
  • Armenia emphasized that even after joining the ICC, the arrest of President Putin was unlikely due to leaders' immunity, a legal protection often afforded to sitting heads of state.

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Q. What is the role of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in addressing allegations of war crimes and human rights violations, and how does it impact international diplomacy and accountability for leaders involved in such crimes?