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UPSC mock test by APTI PLUS.UPSC CSE prelims test series for 2024.

The UPSC CSE Prelims is the first hurdle in the journey to become a civil servant in India. It consists of two papers: General Studies (GS) and Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT). The GS paper tests your knowledge on a range of topics like history, geography, economics and current affairs quiz. The CSAT paper evaluates your problem-solving abilities, comprehension skills, and logical reasoning.

Clearing the UPSC CSE Prelims is tough. In 2022, 11.52 lakh candidates applied for it. Only 13,090 cleared it. So, you need all the help you can get to get closer to your dream. This is where APTI PLUS's All India UPSC CSE Prelims Test Series Programme 2024 comes into the picture.

All India UPSC prelims test series 2024 - An Overview

The best test series for UPSC prelims Programme, offered by APTI PLUS Academy, is comprehensive and well-structured. The GS Test Series includes all the necessary elements to succeed in the UPSC CSE prelims. This test series is made by a team of experienced and highly qualified faculty members who have an in-depth understanding of the IAS Prelims exam pattern and syllabus.

One of the key features of this online test series for IAS aspirants is its All India Ranking System. This feature allows you to assess your performance on a national level and benchmark yourself against thousands of other aspirants. It gives you a clear picture of where you stand and helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. This enables you to focus your preparation efforts on areas that need improvement.

The Programme consists of a series of mock tests. They are designed to imitate the actual civil services exam environment. These tests are conducted online. You can expect the same time duration, question type and difficulty level as the UPSC CSE prelims. Practice these prelims test series 2024 regularly. It will help you to become familiar with the UPSC exams format. It will also help you enhance your time management skills, accuracy and problem-solving abilities.

After every test, you will receive a performance report highlighting your strengths and weak areas. Our expert faculty members will also provide you with personalised feedback. Their valuable insights and suggestions will help you improve your performance in the upcoming tests.

The programme also gives you an extensive question bank for answer writing. The question bank is updated regularly to include the latest patterns and trends noticed in the UPSC CSE prelims exams. By solving a wide variety of questions, you will develop a deep understanding of different concepts and topics. It will help you to apply them effectively in the examination.

APTI PLUS Academy also offers comprehensive study material, test paper and resources to help you with your preparation. These materials are designed to cover the entire UPSC CSE prelims syllabus. Subject matter experts create them in a concise and easy-to-understand format. For convenience, the programme is offered both as offline and online coaching for UPSC. One of the highlights of our programme is the 100% refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the programme, you have the option to request a refund. Please check our brochure for details regarding this. You may also check about the free UPSC tests.

Prelims Test Series Package:

  • Subject-wise Foundational Tests - 12

  • Subject-wise Full-length Revision Tests - 6

  • Thematic Tests - 2

  • GS I Simulator Tests - 10

  • CSAT Simulator Tests - 7

  • PYQ-Based Tests - 5

  • Current Affairs-Based Tests - 7

Course Structure:

Free demo tests /Free UPSC Mock Test

We offer full-length demo tests on each essential subject: Politics, Geography, Economy, General Science and Tech and Environment, and History. You may take the UPSC prelims mock test free and evaluate yourself.

Pre-recorded paper discussions / Online Class

Improve your understanding with pre-recorded discussions about each test. Our experts provide valuable insights / detailed performance analysis and help you learn from all angles through the video course.


Monthly Current Affairs Magazine

You get complimentary access to IAS Gazette, APTI PLUS's monthly magazine on current affairs. It will help you stay updated on current affairs. For UPSC IAS preparation, the importance of current affairs cannot be stressed enough.

Daily Prelims Practice

While preparing for the UPSC civil services exam Enhance your skills and build confidence for your IAS exam with IAS GYAN's monthly Daily Prelims Practice Tests compilation which is covering entire General Studies Papers.


Fundamental level

The Micro Topic-Listing helps simplify complex subjects. Sectional Tests help build a strong foundation in every subject.

Applied level

The Foundational Test and Revision Test each have 20 questions about current affairs. By taking subject-wise tests, you'll understand the syllabus better and improve your knowledge in each subject. These tests aim to provide detailed knowledge and empower you in your studies.

Comprehensive level

Full-length Tests help to ensure your preparation is thorough and complete. It will give you the extra advantage needed for success in the CSE Prelims.


Detailed test reports can help you uncover valuable insights to improve significantly. Performance evaluation can give you the advantage you need to increase your success.

Free Mock Test for UPSC

Before making any decision, you may try the free online test series with question paper and detailed solutions. These all India free mock test or UPSC tests will give you an idea about the quality of the tests offered in the programme.

Demo test

Course details:

Medium: English

Starting date:

Mode: Offline / Online


Offline - 9999.

Online - 7900.

Refund policy: 100% Refund Policy*

(*Please refer to the brochure for details)

UPSC Prelims Test Series 2024

Start Your Journey Towards a Successful Career in the Civil Services NOW!

If you are serious about cracking the UPSC CSE prelims in 2024, APTI PLUS Academy's All India UPSC CSE Prelims Test Series Programme is a must-have resource. With its well-structured course, personalised feedback and extensive question bank, this programme equips your exam preparation with the necessary tools and knowledge to ace the exam and be on the top India rank list. Access a valuable resource for UPSC preparation with our free mock test for upsc prelims 2024.Access UPSC Prelims mock test free PDF on our platform, enabling aspirants to enhance their preparation with high-quality study material without any expense.

APTI PLUS has helped thousands of Civil Services aspirants in top notch UPSC Preparation. Our experts understand the UPSC Civil Services Examination syllabus /UPSC Syllabus thoroughly. The online test series and mock test series are all crafted with experience and expertise. The IAS course offered by APTI PLUS is very popular with aspirants. The UPSC mock test free offered is another popular category. Check it all out today.