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13th January, 2021 GOVERNANCE

Context: BEE launched the SAATHEE (State-wise Actions on Annual Targets and Headways on Energy Efficiency) portal.

  • BEE launched SAATHEE (State-wise Actions on Annual Targets and Headways on Energy Efficiency) – a portal for State Designated Agency (SDA) for state level activities in the energy conservation sphere.
  • BEE developed the Management Information System (MIS) portal, with the main objectives of the web-portal being:
    • It will be useful in capturing the physical and financial status/ progress of Energy Efficiency activities being implemented by States/ UTs across the country.
    • It will facilitate real-time monitoring of the progress of implementation of all the Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation endeavours such as demonstration projects, awareness campaigns, capacity building workshops, etc. being carried out by SDAs at the state-level.
    • It will also help in decision making, coordination, control, analysis, and implementation and enforcement of the compliance process for various energy consumers at the pan India level.
    • This MIS portal would present the physical and financial progress of SDAs in the form of multiple reports and provide tracking of progress made by the SDAs
    • The portal shall also facilitate BEE in providing information regarding best practices, major achievements and upcoming important events of each SDA.
  • The Star Labelling Programme for Air Compressor and UHD TV was also launched on a voluntary basis.
  • With the energy consumption standards coming into effect from January 1, 2021.
  • This initiative is expected to save around 8.41 Billion Units of electricity for Air Compressors and 9.75 Billion Units for UHD TV till 2030.