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PALM 400

11th March, 2023 Defence

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Context: According to the reports, the Indian army has tested the prototype version of the PALM-400 successfully.



  • The lack of armed drones has dogged the Indian army for a long time.
  • The quest for the military-grade armed remotely piloted vehicle (RPV) is a long pending story for the Indian armed forces.
  • Finally, that is over with the launch of the PALM-400 – the acronym for ‘precision attack loitering system’.


  • It fired a thermobaric warhead from the canister which is also developed in India.
  • The system is broadly defined as the armed remotely piloted vehicle (RPV).
  • The tests were conducted at the highest altitude in Sikkim where PALM-400 RPV was fired from an altitude of 18,000 feet and, after loitering at 19,500 feet.
  • The combat RPVs need to be tested on stringent parameters, including motion control, motor control, signal integrity and navigational accuracy.


  • The PALM 400 is the result of a joint venture between AVision Systems (Israel), UVision Air Ltd and Aditya Precitech Private Ltd (APPL).
  • The RPVs are extremely complex systems which involve multiple systems integration based on advanced sensory elements.

PALM-400 RPV’s firepower:  

  • The RPV has achieved a firing range of over 100 km.
  • Technically, the RPVs will have the capability for providing map data for battlefield planners and airstrikes.
  • While it is not clear whether the sensors are developed jointly, it is learnt that the PALM -400 incorporates the most advanced sensors for its precision attacks based on autonomous integration.
  • The PALM-400 has been equipped with next-generation dual electro-optical and infrared cameras with alternative navigation systems.
  • In addition to their intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities, the RPVs can also play a critical role in providing military logistic support.  

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