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Context: The Andhra Pradesh government has initiated a massive land survey to free up about 2 lakh acres of ‘dotted lands’ that have been encroached upon by various parties over the years.


  • The Andhra Pradesh government has taken a historic step to empower the farmers who own the so-called “dotted lands” in the state.
  • The government has deployed over 10,000 surveyors and staff to conduct the exercise, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year.
  • The surveyors will use drones, GPS and satellite imagery to map the land parcels and verify their ownership.
  • The government aims to clear the disputes and issue pattas (land titles) to the rightful owners 

Dotted lands

  • These lands, which were marked with dots on the revenue maps by the British colonial administration, were subject to various restrictions and regulations that prevented the farmers from freely selling or mortgaging them.
    • As a result, these lands were often undervalued and underutilized, causing hardship and distress to the farmers.
  • The ‘dotted lands’ are those that have been marked with dots on the revenue records, indicating that they are disputed or under litigation.
  • The ‘dotted lands’ issue has been a long-standing problem in Andhra Pradesh, affecting the development and welfare of the people.
    • According to the government, there are about 2.5 crore acres of land in the state, out of which only 1.2 crore acres have clear titles, while the rest are either ‘dotted lands’ or have other issues.
  • The government claims that the ‘dotted lands’ have been illegally occupied by various entities, such as politicians, businessmen, religious institutions, educational institutions and others.
  • Some of these lands are prime properties located in urban areas, while others are forest lands or tribal lands. The government estimates that the value of these lands could be around Rs 1 lakh crore.

Recent Step by Andhra Pradesh Government

  • The state government has decided to remove the dotted lands from the prohibited list and restore the full rights of ownership and transfer to the farmers.
    • This will enable them to access credit facilities, invest in agricultural development, and benefit from the market value of their lands.
  • The government has identified over 2 lakh acres of dotted lands across 13 districts for permanent denotification.
  • The process of issuing pattadar passbooks and title deeds to the farmers has already begun and is expected to be completed soon.

Significance of the Initiative

  • Freeing up these lands will not only benefit the original owners but also boost the state’s economy and revenue.
  • The government plans to use some of these lands for public purposes, such as housing, infrastructure, industries and social welfare schemes.
  • The survey will bring transparency and accountability to the land administration and prevent further encroachments and disputes.

Way Forward

  • This move is part of the government’s vision to make Andhra Pradesh an agricultural powerhouse and ensure the welfare and prosperity of the farming community.
  • The government hopes that removing the dotted lands from the prohibited list, will not only end a colonial legacy of injustice and exploitation but also usher in a new era of growth and opportunity for the farmers of Andhra Pradesh.

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Q. Recently the term “dotted land” was frequently seen in the news. It is related with;

A) Agricultural land

B) Industrial land

C) Disputed land

D) Land identified for food park

Answer: C