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Context: The Supreme Court has expanded the authority and jurisdiction of the Deepak Verma Committee.

Deepak Verma Committee

  • The Supreme Court has expanded the authority and jurisdiction of a powerful committee headed by its former judge, Justice Deepak Verma, to carry out the necessary investigations and gather information regarding the import, transfer, procurement, rescue, and rehabilitation of wild animals throughout India, including those kept in captivity.
    • Earlier only Tripura and Gujarat were within the committee's jurisdiction.
  • The Court said that the Chief Wildlife Wardens of the States would now be added to the committee as members. All current and future complaints regarding the matter would be investigated by the committee.
    • The Committee may also consider requests for approval, disagreements, or complaints relating to the transfer or import of wild animals into India, the acquisition of those animals by any rescue or rehabilitation facility, or the welfare of those animals by zoos, with the assistance and cooperation of all departments and authorities throughout India.
  • The committee will be free to suggest transferring ownership of captive animals or seized wild animals to any willing rescue centre or zoo for their urgent welfare, treatment, and rehabilitation.


Q. Deepak Verma Committee is frequently mentioned in the news, it is related to;

(A) Export Promotion

(B) Inland waterway Development

(C) Animal welfare

(D) Border Security

Answer: C

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