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With Aptiplus You don't need to Spend even Rs. 5000/-to Clear UPSC -CSE Prelims-2021

11th October, 2020 Prelims


You don't need to spend evenRs. 5000/-

to Clear UPSC CSE Prelims-2021


With inflation looming large in general economy of our country. However, what we are going to announce here is a completely different thing and defies the logic that ONE NEEDS TO INVEST A FORTUNE FOR UPSC CSE Preparation.There was a time when one needed to invest a huge amount of time and money in order to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Examination. While TIME is not something we control, we definitely have though to extend our hands in order to make your preparation LESS EXPENSIVE and MORE EFFICIENT.

Here IASGYAN, an initiative by Aptiplus, is presenting you the golden opportunity to clear various stages of the prestigious UPSC CSE examination by offering our guidance in your preparation. Well, you don’t even need to spend 5000 Rupees on it.

In one word, it is a



 Your self-study , determination to clear the examination along with quality and examination centric guidance is required to clear the examination. Therefore we don’t claim to give you 100% guarantee regarding your UPSC CSE Examination. However, we can guarantee you 2 things.


  1. Your self-preparation will be properly complemented with our quality courses.
  2. You don’t need to invest a huge amount of money to get quality support from our end.

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About the Course

There will be total 60 tests.

  • 38 sectional tests covering the entire ambit of civil services examination syllabus.
  • 5 tests on previous year questions.
  • 7 monthly current affair tests.
  • 10 full length tests.


 Features of the Test Series

  • A clear-cut detailed schedule of the Tests.
  • Details of the Sources required for tackling the Tests.
  • Foundation Tests within the Sectional Tests covering old and new NCERT Books.
  • Sectional Tests to ensure that aspirants can cover each subject comprehensively in sufficient time and can evaluate his/her performance through the tests.
  • Full Length Mock Tests to evaluate the overall preparation level.
  • Tests based on Previous Years Questions as we know UPSC repeats its questions many a times. (directly/indirectly)
  • Strictly adhering to UPSC pattern and standard, the nature of questions in the tests ranges from factual to conceptual, proportionally dividing in each of the Papers.
  • Options of MCQs have also been arranged in such a manner that elimination tactics can be applied by students while solving questions.
  • All India Ranking and Detailed Performance Analysis of aspirants so that they can gauge their level of preparation and perceive their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Detailed analysis of Tests based on Level of Difficulty making it easier for aspirants to evaluate their performance that strategize their preparation accordingly.
  • Last but not the least, comprehensive coverage of entire syllabus of Prelims examination through MCQs pertaining to the exact standard of UPSC examination.

To know the schedule and timeline of the test series. Please download the Brochure HERE


With the costs escalating in different sectors of economy, we are suffering because of the burden of these rising establishment costs. We are required to spend more on our servers, human resources to make sure that our subscribers and all other aspirants get their services seamlessly from our end. As we are also an integral part of the present economic crisis, we may not be able to offer this courses at this much low price forever. 

So we highly recommend you that , if you ever feel that you need expert guidance and support in your UPSC CSE Preparation for 2021, DON'T hesitate and simply subscribe our courses.

We have centred our focus on you, so that you clear the preliminary examination in 2021, with confidence.