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UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam: Rise Above Others and Clear

20th September, 2020 Prelims

UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam: Rise Above Others and Clear

UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam is the first hurdle in front of your dream to become an IAS Officer. Often, this step is considered by many as the toughest stage in the whole process of IAS selection.

Yes you have read it right.

Do you wonder why?

The ratio says that around 97% of the aspirants, who appears in UPSC CSE, gets eliminated from the race in this stage only. There are 2 main reasons behind .

  1. Lack of right approach by the aspirants who are appearing for the examination.
  2. Vacancies are very few compared to the number of aspirants fighting for the places.

Around 10 Lakh people fill the form against a vacancy of around 1000.

If we consider about Prelims, only around 12000 people gets the opportunity to appear in the Mains exam.

So in simple mathematics only 1 per cent of the aspirants who have filled up the form, gets their chance to write Mains for the year.

Although this is very tough, in no way it is impossible. For a serious candidate, disciplined self-study should be enough to stay ahead of others in this competition.

Right strategies, Study materials, and Guidance are the key factors in this race to achieve excellence. In this article, we will show you how IASGYAN (powered by Aptiplus) is going to guide you regarding proper utilization of the guidance and resources provided.

Myth: Only 12000 gets picked against 10 lakh for Mains.

Reality  : Out of the 10 lakh+ candidates who register for Civil Services Prelims Exam, generally, only around 5 lakh candidates appear for the Preliminary exam. This still is a huge number considering the number of vacancies.

However, it is certainly not as big as 10 lakh.

So, now with the Myth Busted, let us discuss about the preparation.

How to Prepare for Civil Services Preliminary Examination?

If the aspirant follow a proper routine, gets proper guidance then clearing prelims will become a more probable an event.

IASGYAN provides guidance and study materials free of cost for you.

Apart from IASGYAN website, we have also developed IASGYAN mock test platforms.

Now let’s share some important tips which you should not miss!


Revision is key when it comes to GS

After 2014, GS paper I has become the most important part of UPSC Preparation. With GS II has become merely a qualifying subject , the best approach to clear Prelims should be to cover basics of every subject of the civil services preliminary exam.

Don’t discriminate among the topics. Because there is every chance that the portion you are leaving behind will be given more weightage and bit easier with respect to the other parts of the question paper.So the keyword is  “Never miss easy questions from traditional subjects like HistoryGeographyEconomics and Polity.

If you have started preparation late, then at least brush up NCERT books and previous year question papers.

Since there is very little margin for error, areas like culture and environment should be given due stress.

Current affairs should be revised giving importance to latest government schemes and bills in the Parliament.


Give Mock Tests: This is one area which separates the successful candidates from those who don’t clear Prelims. Successful candidates make mock tests an integral part of their preparation strategy.

One habit they also follow is to revise the attempted tests to identify their mistakes.

IASGYAN is giving you the platform to test yourself through Mock Tests on

Daily Basis


We have also come up with meticulously designed Test Series for Prelims exam 2021. Tests can be taken in the comfort of your home, without exposing yourself to the outer world in this present situation.

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Refer our free online study materials for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam: IASGYAN Complilation

Please click on the links to get access of our free study materials. These are very essential and provide supplement to traditional textbooks for each subject. We have tried to keep our compilations simple and relevant and quick to learn from.

We have kept a section called Mind-Map for your convenience. This will definitely help you to keep the important topics in your memory in a more effective way.


Invest in the right books

Click to know more about the books required for IAS preparation.

Build a strong foundation using NCERT texts and NIOS texts for each subject. If you focus on self-study, don’t hesitate to buy the necessary books.

Join our Home Learning Programme

We have designed a Home Learning Programme in order to enable lakhs of Aspirants of you during this time of pandemic crisis. Please Read This and get detailed information regarding the programme.

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Keep a Calm Mind and Healthy Body

On the exam day, keep a calm head. Go with a calm mind. Give a careful reading of the questions and ensure that you understand the demand of the question and it’s relation with the options given. Don’t make silly mistakes.

Believe that you can clear the civil services preliminary exam, and you will.

Competition is increasing! Only serious aspirants can clear UPSC CSE Prelims now!

Yes. That is a fact.

If 100 candidates appear in UPSC CSE prelims only around 3 candidates clear the first round ie. preliminary exam. Vacancies are limited, but there are a lot of serious aspirants.

One should not underestimate the competition in UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE).

Your time is limited.

Select the right resources.

Enroll, practice and revise .

REVISE !  REVISE ! and Revise

All the best!