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Pocket Friendly course for UPSC MAINS 2020

17th October, 2020 Mains

Pocket-Friendly course for UPSC MAINS 2020


Have you done well in prelims?

Don’t you have Lakhs to invest in your preparation for Mains?

Don’t you have enough practice?

Well, we are assuring you that, all you want, we will provide.

Now, with 2 weeks have passed after the Prelims, it is the time when preparation for Mains should be at it’s peak.

So, this is high time, you subscribe to our test series and take a glimpse of what’s coming up.

 About UPSC Mains

While UPSC CSE Prelims tests the breadth of knowledge of an aspirant, the UPSC CSE Mains Examination is intended to assess the overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding of candidates. The questions not only test the candidate’s basic understanding of all relevant issues, ability to analyze but also asks for a way forward and solution-centric attitude. In simple word, the answers that you are going to write will be the virtual reflections of your thoughts.

What an aspirant should do?

  • Whatever you read, try to summarize in your own words at the end of the day.
  • Dedicate an hour or two each day to practice answer writing.
  • Enrol in a good test series for GS, optional and essay for UPSC Mains. You may subscribe to our courses.
  • Follow daily current affairs from a limited source to keep oneself updated.
  • Religiously follow one source of newspaper daily.
  • Pick up one test paper, attempt it and read all the solutions, highlighting the important ones.
  • This will help you in memorizing the content as well as the condition you to attempt an adequate number of questions. Further, these tests would also add up as your notes.


About the Course

Keeping this in mind, APTI PLUS Academy’s Mains Assessment Programme has been designed to ensure content development, enhanced answer writing skills for the aspirants and to enable them to develop multi-dimensional analytical perspective across all themes important for Mains.

One can 'test their preparation, boost their score and ensure success' by being part of the Mains 2020 Test Series.

This robust platform provides 16 mocks, detailed evaluation within 72 hours, comprehensive one to one feedback by faculty members and detailed model answers and test discussions.

 Course Highlights


Course Format

  • Course Validity: 365 days
  • Course Fees: Rs. 18,000/-


  • A clear-cut detailed schedule of the Tests.
  • Sectional Tests to ensure that aspirants can cover each subject comprehensively in proper time and can evaluate his/her performance through the tests.
  • Full-Length Mock Tests to evaluate the overall preparation level.
  • Detailed analysis of Tests based on Level of Difficulty making it easier for aspirants to evaluate their performance that strategize their preparation accordingly.

What one should expect on completion of the course?

  1. Aspirants will have the following major benefits at the end of the program:
  2. No fear psychosis.
  3. Will understand the nuances of the exam.
  4. Better management strategy for the real exam.
  5. Will understand their own strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Will get extra vital information.
  7. Development of speed and refinement of the thought process. 
  8. Better ability to analyse and take a view on conflicting socio-economic goals, objectives and demand
  9. Proficiency in language, expression and presentation.

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