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3rd August, 2023 Geography

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Concerns raised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) regarding the potential addition of the Italian city of Venice to the list of world heritage sites in danger.


  • UNESCO's new report recommends adding Venice to the list of world heritage sites in danger.
  • Kyiv and Lviv in Ukraine are also recommended for the danger list.

Issues in Venice

  • The Italian government's response to Venice's problems is deemed insufficient.
  • Venice faces challenges from excessive tourism and the impacts of climate change.
  • The UNESCO World Heritage property consists of Venice and its lagoon in the Veneto region.

Upcoming Session and Recommendations

  • UNESCO's World Heritage Committee session scheduled for September 10-25, 2023.
  • The committee will review over 200 sites and decide on adding them to the danger list.
  • Nearly 10 sites, including Odessa, Timbuktu, and sites in Syria, Iraq, and Libya, are recommended for the list.

Persistent Issues in Venice

  • Lack of significant progress in addressing issues related to mass tourism, development, and climate change.
  • These issues are causing deterioration and damage to the city's structures and identity.

Environmental and Climate Concerns

  • Venice faced a drought in February 2023, impacting Italian lakes and rivers.
  • Flooding in November 2019 endangered historical treasures and buildings.

Previous Proposal and Measures

  • UNESCO had proposed adding Venice to the danger list two years ago but it was averted by emergency measures.
  • Ban on large cruise ships in the San Marco Basin-Giudecca Canal was enforced as one measure.

Way Forward

  • The panel suggests finding new options for docking large ships outside the lagoon.
  • Venetian authorities will discuss the recommendation with the Italian government.

About Venice

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  • Located in northeastern Italy, Venice is a historic city built on a network of canals and islands in the Venetian Lagoon.
  • Comprises a group of 118 small islands connected by bridges and canals.

Historical Significance

  • Founded in the 5th century AD, Venice became a powerful maritime republic.
  • Flourished during the Middle Ages and Renaissance as a center of trade, art, and culture.
  • Known for its iconic architecture, including Byzantine, Gothic, and Renaissance styles 


Q) Discuss the challenges faced by the city of Venice in maintaining its UNESCO World Heritage status. (150 words)