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Empowering yourPath to Success in UPSC CSE: Your Trusted Friend, Philosopher, and Guide


“A program which sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.”</

Are you ready to ignite the spark of excellence within you and embark on an extraordinary UPSC journey? Welcome to SarathiAPTI PLUS Academy's "Personalised Mentorship Program 2024," where your dreams meet our guidance, and your potential finds wings to soar!</

Your Personal Guide to Triumph:

Our program's prime focus is to be your Sarathi (charioteer), leading you through the vast realm of UPSC preparation. Our objective is to provide you with an individualized mentorship that empowers you to conquer your doubts, surpass your limits, and emerge as a confident UPSC 2024 achiever.


Transform Your UPSC Aspirations!

  • Unparalleled Guidance: Benefit from one-on-one interactions with mentors, receiving personalized attention for holistic growth.
  • Subject Mastery: Embrace a profound understanding of every subject, guided by experienced mentors who nurture your academic brilliance.
  • Crafting Stellar Answers: Elevate your answer writing skills through immersive sessions, where you learn to articulate ideas with precision.
  • Current Affairs Brilliance: Stay ahead with the latest happenings, dive into interactive discussions, and develop a razor-sharp grasp of current affairs.
  • Simulated Success: Experience the thrill of the actual exam with meticulously designed mock tests and gain a competitive edge.
  • Empowering Peer Network: Join an inspiring community of like-minded aspirants, uplifting each other on the path to success.
  • Effective Feedback: Learn from evaluations and feedback, polishing your skills for impeccable performance.


Integrated and Individual preparation

  • Caters to the Individual needs of aspirants with Mentorship Support in all three phases of exam (Prelims, Mains, Interview).

Classroom Sessions

  • Monthly 8 sessions of 2 hours each.
  • Subject-related doubts that course instructors do not have time to take
  • Includes workshop about the fundamentals of Civil Services Examination: answer writing, MCQ solving, newspaper reading, notes making, time management etc.

Regular Practice

  • Ideal Mix of Answer Writing Practice and MCQ Practice based on UPSC standard and pattern to keep you on track.
  • Daily answer writing practice Weekly Essay Test
  • Weekly Prelims MCQ Test

Personalised feedback

  • Standardised evaluation and one-to-one feedback with ranking.

Study Material support

  • In the form of class notes, monthly current affairs magazine IAS Gazette and well-curated model answers for subjective tests and detailed explanations.

Scientific performance tracking

  • To track the improvement along with course correction which is the essence of the program.

Best copies will be shared

  • This will help candidates to understand the best practices which could be followed to score better marks and to understand his/her standing in the competitive crowd




LANGUAGE: English 

Embrace personalized guidance, nurture your aspirations, and redefine your UPSC success story. As your Sarathi we are here to guide you towards triumph in the UPSC 2024 examination. Come, embrace the journey of transformation and create your path to greatness!


1.What is the focus of Sarathi APTI PLUS Academy's "Personalised Mentorship Program 2024"?

The focus is to provide individualized mentorship to UPSC aspirants, guiding them through the entire preparation process and helping them achieve success in UPSC 2024.

2.How does the Mentorship program help in subject mastery?

The Mentorshipprogram provides profound understanding of every subject with the help of experienced mentors who nurture the academic brilliance of the aspirants.

3.What will be covered in the classroom sessions of the Mentorship program?

The classroom sessions include monthly 8 sessions of 2 hours each, covering subjects and topics related to UPSC preparation. It also includes workshops on fundamentals of Civil Services Examination, such as answer writing, MCQ solving, newspaper reading, notes making, and time management.

4.How does the Mentorship program help in improving answer writing skills?

The program includes immersive sessions where aspirants learn to articulate ideas with precision, elevating their answer-writing skills.

5.How does theMentorship program keep aspirants on track with their preparation?

The program provides regular practice through an ideal mix of answer writing practice and MCQ practice based on UPSC standards and patterns, including daily answer writing practice, weekly essay tests, and weekly prelims MCQ tests.

6.Will aspirants receive personalized feedback on their performance?

Yes, aspirants will receive standardized evaluation and one-to-one feedback with ranking to help them track their improvement and make necessary course corrections.

7.What study material support will be provided in the Mentorship program?

Aspirants will receive study material support in the form of class notes, monthly current affairs magazine "IAS Gazette," and well-curated model answers for subjective tests with detailed explanations.

8.How long is the duration of the "Personalised Mentorship Program 2024"?

The program has a duration of 4 months.

9.What is the mode of classes for the Mentorship program?

The classes are conducted online.

10.What is the fee for the Mentorship program?

The fee for the "Personalised Mentorship Program 2024" is INR 14999.