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29th July, 2023 Economy

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Context: A new type of Urea, called 'Urea Gold' was launched by the Prime Minister. This Urea is coated with Sulphur, which can help improve the soil quality and reduce the expenses of the farmers.


Urea Gold

  • Urea is one of the most widely used nitrogen fertilizers in the world, but it also has some drawbacks. Urea can cause nitrogen loss through volatilization, denitrification, and leaching, which reduces its agronomic efficiency and environmental performance. Moreover, urea can increase soil acidity and salinity, which can degrade soil quality and crop productivity.
  • To overcome these challenges, a new product called Urea Gold has been developed. Urea Gold is a urea fertilizer that has been coated with sulphur to modify its release pattern and improve its benefits.

Benefits of Urea Gold

  • It enhances nitrogen use efficiency by slowing down the hydrolysis of urea and providing a steady supply of nitrogen to the plants. This reduces the need for frequent and excessive applications of urea and saves fertilizer costs.
  • It improves soil health by lowering soil pH and increasing organic matter and microbial activity. This creates a favourable environment for plant growth and nutrient availability.
  • It protects the environment by reducing nitrate leaching and runoff, which can contaminate groundwater and surface water and cause eutrophication. This also helps to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.
  • It boosts crop yield and quality by providing balanced nutrition and stress tolerance. This increases crop profitability and food security.

Urea Gold is a versatile product that can be used for all crops and soils. It can be applied using the same methods as conventional urea, such as broadcasting, banding, or fertigation. Urea Gold is a cost-effective and sustainable solution for enhancing crop production and environmental protection.

How does Urea Gold compare to other fertilizers?

  • Urea Gold is not the only fertilizer that has been coated with sulphur to improve its performance. There are other products in the market that claim to offer similar benefits, such as S-coated urea, polymer-coated urea, or controlled-release urea.

Urea Gold has some unique features that make it stand out from the rest:

  • Urea Gold has a higher sulphur content than other coated ureas, which means it can provide more sulphur to plants and soil. Sulphur is an essential nutrient for plant growth and quality, especially for crops that have high sulphur demand, such as oilseeds, legumes, or brassicas.
  • Urea Gold has a thinner coating than other coated ureas, which means it can dissolve faster and release nitrogen more uniformly. This prevents nitrogen accumulation in the soil and reduces the risk of salt injury to the plants.
  • Urea Gold has a lower cost than other coated ureas, which means it can offer more value for money to the farmers. Urea Gold is priced competitively with conventional urea while providing superior benefits.

Urea Gold is a superior fertilizer that can outperform other coated ureas in terms of efficiency, quality, and economy. Urea Gold is the best choice for farmers who want to optimize their fertilizer use and achieve higher returns on investment. It has the potential to transform Indian agriculture by providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution for soil and crop management.

To realize the potential, the following steps are suggested:

  • Strengthening the extension and outreach activities to educate and motivate farmers about the advantages and application of Urea Gold.
  • Ensuring the availability and accessibility of Urea Gold to farmers at affordable prices through adequate subsidy and incentive mechanisms.
  • Establishing a robust quality assurance and monitoring system to prevent any compromise on the quality and efficacy of Urea Gold.
  • Developing a conducive policy and regulatory framework to facilitate the production, promotion, and adoption of Urea Gold.
  • Encouraging research and innovation to improve the performance and efficiency of Urea Gold


  • Urea Gold is a new fertilizer for Indian farmers that promises to address sulphur deficiency in the soil, reduce fertilizer consumption, improve nitrogen use efficiency, and enhance crop quality. It is a product of innovation and vision that reflects the government's commitment to the welfare and prosperity of farmers. It is hoped that Urea Gold will usher in a new era of agricultural growth and development in India.

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