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18th December, 2023 Economy


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Context: The inauguration of the Surat Diamond Burse by the Prime Minister marks a significant milestone in the diamond industry.

About Surat Diamond Burse

World's Largest Corporate Office

  • Located in Khajod village near Surat, the Surat Diamond Bourse stands as the world's largest corporate office hub.
  • Built across 35.54 acres at a cost of Rs 3,400 crore, it surpasses the Pentagon, which held the title for the world's largest office building for the past 80 years.

Boost to Diamond Industry

  • Prime Minister emphasized the immense significance of this inauguration for the diamond industry.
  • The facility includes a Customs Clearance House, Jewellery Mall, and International Banking and Safe Vaults, aiming to bolster the diamond trade.

Global Centre for Diamond Trading

  • With the capacity to accommodate 4,200 traders from 175 countries, the Bourse is positioned to be a global hub for rough and polished diamonds.
  • It offers a platform for diamond buyers worldwide to conduct trade activities in Surat.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Despite its size, the Surat Diamond Bourse prioritizes minimizing environmental impact by following the principles of Panchtattva, aligning with nature's five elements.

Innovative Energy Solutions

  • The building showcases advanced rooftop solar energy projects implemented by URON Energy, promoting sustainability in its operations.
  • It employs a radiant cooling system, highlighting innovative and eco-friendly technological features.

Symbol of Entrepreneurial Spirit   

  • PM hailed the significance of this structure, citing it as a testament to India's entrepreneurial spirit and Surat's historical contribution to the diamond trade.
  • It is expected to function as a hub for trade, innovation, collaboration, and economic growth, generating employment opportunities.

Indian Diamond Industry

● India accounts for roughly 80% of the world's polished diamonds by volume and 60% by value.

●Surat, India, is the undisputed diamond polishing capital, followed by Mumbai and Jaipur.

●India produces diamonds of all sizes and qualities, catering to diverse markets and budgets.

●The industry generates significant employment, contributing to India's GDP and foreign exchange earnings. Over a million people are directly employed, with millions more indirectly benefiting.

●Concerns include rough diamond price fluctuations, dependence on imports, labour issues, and competition from other countries.


  • The Surat Diamond Bourse's inauguration reflects a convergence of technological advancement, environmental consciousness, and economic aspirations, positioning itself as a pivotal centre for the global diamond trade while embracing sustainability.

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