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Soligas and Yeravas Tribal community

15th January, 2024 Geography

Soligas and Yeravas Tribal community

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Loss of habitat and knowledge could adversely impact diets of tribal communities living in Western Ghats


Indigenous groups Soligas and Yeravas have been living in the Cauvery Basin and the surrounding hills of peninsular India for thousands of years.


  • One of the oldest indigenous communities in the country, are the original inhabitants of Karnataka and live mostly in the Chamarajanagar and Mandya districts.
  • The Soliga speak Sholaga, which belongs to the Dravidian family. Under Indian law, they are recognized as a scheduled tribe.
  • The Soliga used to practice shifting cultivation. They grow Ragifor subsistence. Their main source of income is harvesting and sale of Non-timber Forest Produce (NTFP) like honey, bamboo, Paasi (Lichen), algae, wild turmeric, Indian blackberry, soapnut and nennari (wild root). 
  • Soliga people follow naturism and animism along with following Hindu practices and their main deities are Madeshwara.
  • Honey is an important part of the diet for the Soliga people.


  • The Yeravas came to the state from Wayanad district in Kerala and settled in Kodagu district of the state. 
  • They speak Revula language.
  • Their settlements are called 'Kunju'.
  • Most of them are agricultural workers and are in the process of detribalization. It is believed that they were agricultural serfs in the past. 
  • They are mostly agricultural laborers in coffee plantations and tea estates.
  • There are many customs and rituals practiced among the Adiyas who believe in witchcraft.
  • Godlike is a ritual dance form performed by them to cure disease, ward off miseries and evil eye, and safe delivery of child

Practice questions

Soligas and Yeravas tribes often mentioned in news are associated which of the following mountain region?

  1. Western Ghats
  2. Eastern Gats
  3. Garo, Kasi, Jayantia hills
  4. Vindya Mountain region

Answer A