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Interview Guidance Programme for UPSC CSE 2023

Best Mock Interview Guidance Program for CSE 2023

Introducing the UPSC Interview Guidance Program for CSE 2023 – a transformative Personality Test Training Program meticulously crafted to enhance your readiness for the UPSC Interview. Developed by APTI PLUS, a pioneer in civil services exam coaching, this comprehensive UPSC Mock Interview Guidance Program (IGP) is designed to provide aspirants with the quality guidance necessary to ace the UPSC Interview.

Embark on a holistic journey to conquer the UPSC Interview with the APTI PLUS Interview Guidance Programme. This program takes a multifaceted approach, addressing key aspects such as subjects, communication skills, and demeanor – all critical components for success in the interview round.

The UPSC Mains 2023 results have been declared, and our program is already in full swing. Under the expert guidance of Shri R Shrinivasan (IES Retd.; former honorable member of UPSC), Mr. DD Sharma (EX IFoS), Mr. Ram Niwas (Ex DGP, Chhattisgarh), and a distinguished panel of subject experts, psychological professionals, and retired bureaucrats, the best mock interview for UPSC  is geared towards providing an unparalleled learning experience.

Our holistic approach encompasses all vital areas of UPSC Interview preparation, including a comprehensive coverage of relevant subjects, the development of effective verbal and physical communication skills, and the cultivation of good demeanor – all essential for leaving a lasting impression on the UPSC interview panel.

The Personality Test, often referred to as the IAS Mock Interview guidance program at APTI PLUS, provides candidates with a unique opportunity to interact with esteemed UPSC panel members and civil servants. The interview, lasting approximately 35-40 minutes, covers questions related to the candidate's Detailed Application Form (DAF), opinions on current issues, general sciences, and may include situation-based inquiries.

Dedicated sessions within the programme aim to cover specific areas relevant to the interview process. Notable sessions include Approaching DAF-related Questions by DD Sharma Sir, and Tackling Subjects-related Questions by Srinivasan Sir, Ram Niwas Sir. Current Affairs, Home States, Optional Subjects, and more will be covered by subject experts.

UPSC Interview Guidance Programme 2023

Key Features of Mock Interview For UPSC or Civil Services Interview:        

One-to-One Sessions with DD Sharma & Srinivasan Sir:        

  • Approach to answering interview questions with best UPSC Interview panel Members.
  • Personalized online mock interview for UPSC and one-to-one guidance sessions .
  • Group sessions focusing on the personality test. Note: One-to-one sessions are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.          

Comprehensive Sessions:        

  • Expert-led sessions on India’s foreign policy.
  • Coverage of home states, encompassing static and dynamic content.
  • Special interactive sessions tailored for optional subjects.   

UPSC Mock Interview-Oriented Study Material:       

  • Specially curated interview guidebook.
  • Reference reading material for home state and hobbies.
  • Issue-specific content brief for further reference.       

Exclusive Current-Oriented Sessions:        

  • Sessions on economic survey and budget.
  • In-depth discussions on International Relations and Internal Security.
  • Coverage of Polity, National Issues, Environment, and more.       

Interview Facing Sessions:      

  • DAF filling sessions by APTI PLUS experts.
  • Special session on how to face the interview.
  • One-to-one DAF sessions with interview experts.      

Customized DAF Question Generator:     

  • Based on the last 5 years UPSC CSE interview transcript questions.
  • Curated to students' specific keyword requirements.
  • Available in both English and Hindi mediums.         

UPSC Online Mock Interviews:       

  • Facility mock conducted by APTI PLUS experts for in-depth feedback.
  • UPSC simulator mock led by former bureaucrats and subject experts.
  • Personal interview coach for continuous support and guidance.
  • Free Mock Interview for students of APTI PLUS


In conclusion, our UPSC Interview Guidance Program is not just a preparatory course; it's a transformative experience aimed at equipping you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to navigate the complexities of the UPSC Interview successfully. Join us on this journey, and let's work together towards your success in the UPSC personality test 2023.