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SAMAR assessment certificates

27th February, 2024 Security

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DRDO handed over 23 Licensing Agreements for Transfer of Technology (LATOT) to 22 industries.


  • To enhance cooperation and synergy with the industry, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) organised a DRDO-Industry Meet on February25, 2024 during the Maharashtra MSME Defence Expo 2024 at Pune.

SAMAR Assessment Certificates

  • SAMAR is a benchmark to measure the competence of defence manufacturing enterprises, including MSMEs. The DRDO, in collaboration with Quality Council of India (QCI), has developed the ‘System for Advanced Manufacturing Assessment and Ranking (SAMAR)’ certification.
  • Developed to promote excellence and innovation in the manufacturing sector, SAMAR certification evaluates various aspects such as efficiency, sustainability, technological advancement, and adherence to industry standards.
  • It is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of issuance of the certificate.

Technologies  transferred

  • The technologies transferred cover the domains of electronics, laser technology, armaments, life sciences, materials science, combat vehicles, naval systems and aeronautics.
  • These include Manufacturing of Carbon/Carbon Aircraft brakes for LCA Tejas, 100 m Infantry Foot Bridge Floating, 40 mm High Explosive Anti-Personnel (HEAP) Grenade for UBGL, Full Trailer of 70t Tank Transporter for MBT Arjun Mk - 1A, Expendable Mobile Shelter Solar Heated Shelter, NMR-Supercapacitor, Weaponisation of Hand-Held Thermal Imager with LRF (WHHTI) and High Pressure Water Mist Fire Suppression System (HP WMFSS).
  • The products based on these DRDO technologies will further boost the defence manufacturing sector and self-reliance in defence.


What are the potential implications, both positive and negative, of privatizing aspects of the defense sector on national security, innovation, and economic growth?"