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360 (Utkrishti 360)

The UPSC Mains Test Series is designed to replicate the Civil Services Mains examination experience. It encompasses the questions' identical format, time constraints, and difficulty levels. This meticulous emulation equips candidates with a thorough understanding of the exam pattern. It enables them to hone their answer-writing skills and adeptly manage time during the exam.


Embark on Your Journey to Mains 2024 Mastery!

Engaging in a test series for UPSC empowers candidates to assess their performance and identify strengths and weaknesses. This introspective evaluation is paramount for refining their preparation strategy effectively. APTI PLUS proudly presents a comprehensive 360-degree platform that addresses every facet of your preparation journey.

If you aim for excellence, enrol in the Utkrishti 360 UPSC mains test series to unlock your true potential. Get expert advice and genuine study materials to succeed in the upcoming UPSC examination


  • Here are the details of the test types of civil services examination, learning resources, and number of tests included in this program:

    Test Types:

    • 20 High-Quality Tests: Sectional and Full-Length
    • 3 Essay Tests + All India Mock after Prelims (4 GS + Essay)

    Learning Resources

    • Pre-recorded videos and discussion classes
    • Detailed Model Answers
    • Monthly Current Affairs Magazine "IAS Gazette."
    • Mains Express material and case studies for focused study resources.

    Number of Test Types

    • GS Sectional: 8
    • Essay: 3
    • GS Full length: 4
    • All India Open Mock: 5
    • Total number of tests: 20

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The Utkrishti 360 Mains Test Series is comprehensive. It provides customised study materials to help candidates prepare for success in the UPSC CSE Mains 2024. Key features have been designed to enhance your preparation for the exam. Here are some notable features for your reference:

  • Structured Schedule: Our exam schedule follows the UPSC pattern. Sectional tests make it possible to give thorough thematic coverage of subjects in a reasonable time period, and they also provide the UPSC mains test series PDF!
  • Evaluation and Analysis System: Examination is for overall judgment, pointing you in the right direction—indeed, it lies at the heart of our program
  • Student-Centric: Our feedback loop emphasises answering mastery to calibrate your preparation strategy, acknowledging the importance of acquiring crucial skills like contextual competence and structural expression.
  • Personalized Guidance: Tailored mentorship addresses individual needs with features such as All India Mock and Discussion, ethics test series, pre-recorded videos, and discussion classes after Prelims.
  • Comprehensive Resources: Also, get UPSC mains test series 2024, All India Mocks, and discussion classes to cover all aspects of exam preparations.
  • Performance Tracking Dashboard: Employ an easy-to-use dashboard to monitor your progress in real-time. See how your performance compares, learn where you excel in the subject overall, get ethics test series UPSC, and identify areas that need work. Use this information to fine-tune your strategy for next year's UPSC CSE (Mains).

Reasons to join this program:

Our program takes you on a transformative journey towards success in the UPSC CSE Mains 2024 exam. Our program also contains the GS test series. We go beyond surface-level learning, fostering a deep understanding and analytical skills crucial for achieving high marks in this challenging competition.

  • Comprehensive Testing Approach: Our special UPSC mains answer writing test series provides sectional and full-length tests. This way, the course adequately covers each subject and helps candidates become accustomed to the examination format.
  • Expert Guidance and Monthly Gazette: Hold on to the IAS Gazette, which has detailed model test paper and answers from experts in current affairs.
  • Success-Oriented Philosophy: Our 'LEARN, REVISE & PRACTICE-TEST and IMPROVE' mode of functioning is both important for you to attain the highest standards in UPSC CSE Mains 2024 but also significant as it always permits room for adaptation.
  • Cyclic Methodology: The cyclic aspect of our methodology is an assurance that we will always be improving, which is a crucial requirement for the UPSC exam.
  • Multi-Dimensional Analytical Viewpoints: We hope the analytical approaches provided by our UPSC test series Mains in association with IASbhai will help you conquer such thinking obstacles.
  • Transformative Journey to Success: Your accomplishment is our objective. With our UPSC test series Mains, prepare yourself to overcome every hurdle that comes your way.


  • Why should you join Apti Plus for a test series mains UPSC? We are the best choice for comprehensive UPSC test preparation.

    • Apti Plus's UPSC candidates have passed with flying colours. Our determination is clear.
    • Come talk with our experienced faculty members. They will lead you through the complexities of UPSC mains preparation.
    • Our test series is designed using the UPSC format. It is systematic and effective for exam preparation.
    • Engineers receive a detailed performance analysis after each test. They can use the analysis to identify and improve weaknesses and strengths.
    • We integrate current affairs. It's an important factor for success in the ever-changing world of UPSC testing. With our test series, you will stay ahead.
    • The Apti Plus learning environment is complete. We try our best to cultivate exam-specific knowledge. We also work on the skills and outlook that a candidate for UPSC CSE mains needs.


Apti Plus has gained recognition due to the range of educational services it provides. Still, doubting about enrolling in our course? Let's see what our students say about us:

  1. I joined Apti Plus last year for my government exam preparation. The study material and test series have immensely helped improve my performance. My score has increased because of them now. I'm grateful to the excellent teachers here. - Manju Pradhan, Odisha
  1. As a working professional preparing for competitive exams, I needed flexibility. Apti Plus gives me access to recorded videos and online material so I can study at my own pace. Their doubt-solving channels on Telegram have assisted me multiple times. - Priya, Prayagraj
  1. I struggled to keep up with my concepts until I enrolled with Apti Plus. Their step-by-step video tutorials broke down complex concepts into easy-to-grasp fundamentals. Their teaching methodology works! - Sagarika, Kolkata:
  1. I have joined many coaching institutes before but found Apti Plus the most student-friendly. Their fee structure and payment options are designed to ease the burden, which helped me save money. I'd happily recommend them to all my friends. - Rohan, Bhubhaneshwar


Which is the best test series for UPSC?

APTI PLUS is undoubtedly the best UPSC test series. Its tests range widely and cover all possible angles of questions, so a student will be ready for every single one that comes up in real life. It is the best choice for UPSC aspirants.

Is a free test series available for UPSC?

Some platforms provide free UPSC test series. Unfortunately, Apti Plus does not offer a free test series. Aspirants can have free resources from other platforms for UPSC preparation.

Which Test Series is best for UPSC Prelims 2024?

The best test series for UPSC Prelims 2024 is undoubtedly Apti Plus. Apti Plus is well known for its wide coverage and carefully crafted questions, which assure students they are ready to pass the UPSC Preliminary examinations.

How much does the test series cost for UPSC?

The UPSC mains test series online and offline costs Rs 10,999. The cost-effective option for aspiring candidates is to receive thorough preparation and valuable insights into how to do well in the main examination of UPSC. 

Is Test Series enough for UPSC?

A test series is crucial for UPSC preparation, but it isn't all. Worthy of studying, rich understanding and constant revision are important. Collect resources from all sources for a comprehensive grab for the UPSC test.

How many test series are needed for UPSC Prelims?

It depends--at least 20 to 30 tests for thorough preparation. Practising with different types of questions helps one in improving time management and enhances overall readiness for the exam.

How to start a test series for UPSC?

The first step to begin a UPSC test series is recognising quality platforms with comprehensive tests. First, take a diagnostic test to determine strengths and weaknesses. Set a rigid schedule, carefully review answers and increase the difficulty of tests to prepare for UPSC.