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21st December, 2023 Security


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  • In a major success for its in-house design and development efforts, the Indian Air Force has successfully testfired its SAMAR air defence missile system.
  • The IAF has developed the Surface to Air Missile for Assured Retaliation (SAMAR) air defence missile system by using its old Russian-origin air-to-air missile systems.


  • Developed using refurbished Russian-origin air-to-air missile systems, SAMAR is a short-range, quick reaction surface-to-air missile system.

Key Features and Operational Details

  • Platform and Capabilities: The SAMAR system involves a twin-turret launch platform capable of launching two missiles in single or salvo mode.
  • Engagement Range and Speed: Operates within a speed range of 2 to 2.5 Mach with a 12-kilometer engagement range.
  • Target Scope: Designed to engage low-flying aerial threats including fighter planes, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Development and Collaborations

  • Collaborative Effort: Developed by the IAF's Maintenance Command's 7 Base Repair Depot Tughlakabad (BRD) and 11 Base Repair Depot Ojhar in collaboration with Indian private sector companies Simran Flowtech Industries and Yamazuki Denki.
  • Missile Utilization: Utilizes reconditioned Russian Vympel R-73 and Vympel R-27 air-to-air missiles, reprogrammed for surface-to-air defense.

Operational Concerns

  • Some retired IAF personnel questioned the efficacy of the system, citing concerns about the operational viability and combat capability, particularly due to the source of missiles and guidance system challenges.


 The successful test-firing of SAMAR represents a significant achievement for the Indian Air Force, showcasing its progress in developing indigenous air defence capabilities. Despite some concerns raised, the SAMAR system is poised to contribute significantly to India's air defence capabilities, particularly in countering low-altitude aerial threats.


Q. Which of the following statements regarding the SAMAR air defense missile system recently developed by the Indian Air Force is correct?

A) SAMAR primarily uses domestically developed missile technology without any external collaboration.

B) It operates as a long-range air defense missile system capable of targeting intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

C) SAMAR has been designed to employ old Russian-origin air-to-air missile systems for surface-to-air defense.

D) The SAMAR system does not possess the capability of launching multiple missiles simultaneously.

Answer: C)