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Rampage missile

23rd April, 2024 Security

Rampage missile

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  • Israel used the locally developed missile 'Rampage' in the Iran attack.

Rampage Missile

The Rampage Missile is an advanced, long-range, air-to-ground precision strike weapon designed for high-value target destruction.

  • Development: Developed jointly by Israel Aerospace Industries and Israeli Military Industries Systems.
  • Purpose and Targets: Primarily intended for missions targeting well-protected, high-value assets such as communication centers, air force bases, and infrastructure facilities.


  • Length: 7 meters (15.4 feet), Weight: 570 kilograms.
  • Capable of supersonic speeds, rendering it difficult to detect and intercept by air defense systems.
  • Range exceeds 190 miles.
  • Payload capacity of 150 kilograms of explosives.
  • Equipped with a blast fragmentation or general-purpose warhead.
  • Utilizes GPS/INS guidance navigation and anti-jamming technology.
  • Can adjust its trajectory mid-flight for precise target engagement.
  • Operational in all weather conditions and capable of day and night operations.
  • Deployment: Can be launched from an aircraft or as a stand-alone system.


  • The Rampage Missile is an advanced, versatile weapon system designed to deliver precise strikes against high-value targets with exceptional speed, range, and accuracy.

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Q) Consider the following statements regarding the Rampage Missile:

1) It is a short-range air-to-ground weapon designed for rapid deployment in urban areas.

2 The Rampage Missile is jointly developed by Israel Aerospace Industries and Israeli Military Industries Systems.

3) Its payload capacity exceeds 300 kilograms of explosives.

4) The missile is equipped with infrared guidance navigation and anti-jamming technology.

How many of the above statements is/are correct?

A.only one

B.only two

C.only four

D.All five

Correct Answer: B)