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Potteromyces asteroxylicola

11th December, 2023 Environment

Potteromyces asteroxylicola

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  • Researchers discovered a 407-million-year-old fungus fossil, Potteromyces asteroxylicola from the Rhynie Chert in Scotland.


  • Dubbed the Potteromyces asteroxylicola, this fungal plant pathogen is a staggering 407 million years old, and named after Beatrix Potter, the renowned author of 'Tales of Peter Rabbit'.
  • Potteromyces asteroxylicola was found infecting the ancient plant Asteroxylon mackiei, showcasing a predator-prey interaction that occurred while the plant was alive.
  • The unique reproductive structures of Potteromyces, known as conidiophores, stood out with their unusual shape and formation, leading to its designation as a new species.


Q. Recently, Potteromyces asteroxylicola, was in the news. What is it?

A.Invasive species


C.Fungal plant pathogen

D.Edge species

Choose the correct code.

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D


Option 3. C