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One Mutation and Global Menace

14th July, 2021 Science and Technology


  • A single change in a key viral protein may have helped the coronavirus behind COVID-19 make the jump from animals to people, setting the virus on its way to becoming the scourge it is today – Researchers.



  • The mutation appears to help the virus’ spike protein strongly latch onto the human version of a host protein called ACE2 that the virus uses to enter and infect cells.
  • That ability to lock onto the human cells was stronger with the mutated virus than with other coronaviruses lacking the change.



  • Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) is an enzyme attached to the membrane of cells located in the intestines, kidney, testis, gallbladder, and heart.
  • ACE2 lowers blood pressure by catalyzing the hydrolysis of angiotensin II (a vasoconstrictor peptide) into angiotensin.
  • ACE2 also serves as the entry point into cells for some coronaviruses.


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