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1st January, 2024 Economy


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Context: The National Transit Pass System (NTPS), branded as 'One Nation-One Pass,' was recently launched by the Union Minister for Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, and Labour and Employment. This initiative aims to facilitate the seamless transit of timber, bamboo, and various forest produce across India.

About National Transit Pass System (NTPS)

  • The National Transit Pass System (NTPS) is a digital platform aimed at simplifying the process of obtaining transit permits for timber, bamboo, and other minor forest produce.

Key Features

  • Role and Workflow-Based Application: NTPS operates on roles and workflows, accessible as a desktop web portal and mobile application.
  • Online Registration and Application Submission: Users can register and submit applications for Transit Permits (TP) or No Objection Certificates (NOC) via the web portal and mobile app.
  • Species Classification: Online application for species grown on private lands that are either exempted or not exempted from the transit pass regime.
  • Online Generation of Permits: Transit Permits or NOCs are generated online based on the species category.
  • E-Payment System: Payment for permits can be made online through the mobile app or web portal before downloading the Transit Permit.

Key Benefits

  • Expedited Issuance of Permits: Streamlines the process of obtaining permits for timber, bamboo, and other minor forest produce without physically visiting forest offices.
  • Digital Replacement of Manual System: Replaces the traditional paper-based transit system with an efficient online process.
  • Nationwide Permit: Offers a single permit valid across India for the transit of timber, bamboo, and other minor forest produce, contributing to ease of doing business.
  • Seamless Movement Across States: Facilitates seamless movement across state borders from the origin to the destination through the use of the mobile app.
  • Ease for Producers and Transporters: Reduces hardships for timber and bamboo producers, farmers, and transporters at forest check posts.
  • Promotion of Agro-forestry: Encourages and promotes agro-forestry activities across the country.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Saves transportation costs and time for farmers and traders, leading to increased income for farmers.


  • The NTPS is designed to digitize and simplify the process of obtaining transit permits, promoting efficiency, transparency, and ease of doing business in the forestry sector while benefiting farmers and producers involved in this industry.


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