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23rd June, 2023 Polity

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Context: The 20th Foundation Day of the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) was celebrated on June 19, 2023.


  • The event showcased the milestones and achievements of NIXI in various domains such as internet governance, domain name registration, IPv6 adoption, digital empowerment and social impact. The event also highlighted the plans and vision of NIXI to further enhance its role as a catalyst for digital transformation in India.

National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI)

  • The National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) is a non-profit organization that was established in 2003 under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013 to facilitate improved internet services in the country.
  • NIXI operates eight Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) across the country that enables peering among ISPs and content providers.
  • NIXI allocates Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and Autonomous System (AS) numbers to Indian entities through its Indian Registry for Internet Names and Numbers (IRINN) division.
  • NIXI-CSC Data Services Ltd. is a joint venture between NIXI and CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd. that provides data centre and cloud services to government and private sector customers.


  • Over the years, NIXI has played a pivotal role in enhancing internet connectivity and accessibility in India.
  • It reduced the cost and latency of internet access for end users by avoiding international transit fees and congestion.
  • It improved the quality and security of the network by enabling faster delivery of content and services and reducing the dependence on foreign infrastructure.
  • It supports the growth and innovation of the Internet industry in India by providing a platform for collaboration and cooperation among network operators and stakeholders.
  • It contributes to the digital sovereignty and resilience of India by ensuring that domestic internet traffic remains within the country and under its jurisdiction.
  • It fosters the development of local content and applications by encouraging the adoption of “.IN” domain name and providing access to IP addresses and AS numbers.

Challenges faced by NIXI

Low participation

  • Although NIXI has over 300 members, including major ISPs, CDNs and government organizations, there are still many network operators who do not participate in NIXI or use its services. This limits the potential benefits of NIXI for them and for the overall network efficiency.

Limited reach

  • Although NIXI has eight exchanges across the country, there are still many regions that are not covered by its network or have low connectivity. This affects the availability and quality of internet services for users in those areas.


  • NIXI faces competition from other internet exchanges that operate in India or abroad, such as DE-CIX India, Extreme IX, AMS-IX India and Singapore Internet Exchange (SGIX). These exchanges may offer better prices, services or features than NIXI or attract more members or traffic than NIXI 


  • NIXI operates under the regulatory framework of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), which may impose certain restrictions or obligations on its functioning or expansion. For instance, NIXI has to comply with the rules and guidelines issued by MeitY on matters such as data protection, cybersecurity, net neutrality and digital taxation.

Way forward for NIXI

Increasing its membership and traffic

  • NIXI should actively reach out to more network operators and persuade them to join NIXI or use its services.
  • NIXI should offer incentives and benefits to its existing members to retain them and increase their traffic through NIXI.

Expanding its network and services

  • NIXI should establish more exchanges in different regions and cities to improve its coverage and connectivity.
  • NIXI should diversify its services and offer new features and solutions to its members, such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

Enhancing its competitiveness and innovation

  • NIXI should benchmark its performance and offerings with other internet exchanges and adopt best practices and standards to improve its quality and efficiency.
  • NIXI should invest in research and development and foster innovation and collaboration among its members and stakeholders.

Engaging with the government and society

  • NIXI should maintain a constructive dialogue with the government and other regulatory authorities and seek their support and guidance on various issues and challenges.
  • NIXI should raise awareness and educate the public and the media about its role and benefits for the internet industry and society in India.


  • On its 20th Foundation Day, NIXI expressed its gratitude to all its stakeholders for their continued support and cooperation. NIXI also reaffirmed its commitment to work towards the vision of Digital India by providing world-class internet services to the nation.

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