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Nano Urea

5th September, 2022 Agriculture

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  • Nano urea, a product developed by the Indian Farmers and Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO) and heavily advertised by the Central government as a panacea to reduce farmer dependence on packaged urea.



  • Nano Urea is a nutrient to provide nitrogen to plants as an alternative to the conventional urea.
  • Nano Urea Liquid can curtail the requirement of the same by at least 50%.
  • It contains 40,000 ppm of nitrogen in a 500 ml bottle which is equivalent to the impact of nitrogen nutrient provided by one bag of conventional urea.
  • Nano nitrogen (Nano Urea) can enhance farmer’s crop yields beside nitrogen saving to the extent of 50%.


  • The excess conventional urea causes an environmental pollution, harms soil health, and making plant more susceptible for disease & insect infestation, delayed maturity of the crop & production loss.
  • Nano Urea Liquid makes the crops stronger, healthy and protects them from lodging effect.
  • It will lead to reduction in Global Warming
  • It will improve the quality of underground water by polluting it less.
  • It will cut down post harvesting costs and increase farmers’ income.