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Leopard Print Frog

8th July, 2023 Environment

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  • An unusual type of frog, named Santa Fe frog has been discovered by scientists from Argentina.
  • It is a rare frog which has a unique leopard print on its skin.

Other Details

  • This frog was found in caves when it emerged out of them, mainly during night time, in its call for mate.
  • A Santa Fe frog project is started to protect and secure the future of this amphibian.
  • The scientists spent hours in finding the eggs and tadpoles of this frog.

Santa Fe frog

  • It is a species of frog known by the scientific name Leptodactylus laticeps.
  • It belongs to the family Leptodactylidae.
  • It is an extremely rare species of frog which is endemic to Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay of South America. (found only in Great Chaco of South America).


  • Chopping down of Dry Chaco.
    • Dry chaco are the large forest region and dusty plains which are considered world's driest forests.
    • These regions are restricted to eastern Bolivia, western Paraguay and northern Argentina.
    • The forest regions are sparsely populated and are rich in biodiversity.
  • Local communities hunt these frogs for food and international pet trade.
  • Rapid deforestation in the region and subsequent loss of habitat.

Measures for conservation

  • A project named Santa Fe frog project is being undertaken.
  • This movement will focus on liaising with local community leaders, farmers, hunters, biologists, conservationists, and educators to protect the species.
  • Especially for people who hunt this species for food and trade, many Interviews and workshops will be organized for sensitizing them.
  • Public awareness and engagement campaigns to change the behaviours component of masses and to drive them towards conservation of the species.
  • Help of local celebrities will be taken to shape right attitude of people.
  • There are plans for extensive fieldwork for the purpose of detecting the population relicts.
  • The global conservation status of this species will also be updated which will assist in creating an action plan to preserve and protect this species.

Conservation Status

  • Globally it falls in the Near Threatened category in the IUCN red list.
  • However in Argentina it is considered Vulnerable.

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Consider the following statements about Santa Fe frog:

1. These amphibians displays a unique leopard print on their skin.

2. These frogs are found only in south American countries of Boivia, Paraguay and Argentina.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. Both 1 and 2

D. Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: (C)