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Kondu Nadu

16th July, 2021 Science and Technology


  • BJP sparked a debate after it made a mention of Kongu Nadu, which is the name for a region that lies in the western part of Tamil Nadu.



  • Kongu Nadu is neither a specific administrative or political unit within Tamil Nadu but a notional area lying in the western part of the state.
  • The name ‘Kongu’ is derived from the Kongu Vellala Gounders, who are an OBC community that is concentrated in these districts.
  • Tamil Nadu government says that “the name Kongu Nadu draws its origin from the term ‘Kongu’, meaning nectar or honey” and that the history of this region “dates back to the eighth century”.
  • It says that the districts and taluks that comprised Kongu Nadu include Palani, Karur, Dharapuram, Thiruchengodu, Erode, Pollachi, Nammakkal, Salem, Dharmapuri, Nilgiris, Avinashi, Satyamangalam, Coimbatore and Udumalpet.