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29th July, 2022 Polity and Governance


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In News

  • The Chief Justice of India has raised concern over rising incidents of media kangaroo courts, Ill-informed and agenda-driven debates that are hurting Indian democracy.
    • Biased views promoted by the media are affecting the people, weakening democracy, and harming the system.
  • Chief Justice of India has urged the media, particularly electronic and social media, to behave responsibly.


Kangaroo Court

  • It is defined as an unofficial court managed by a group of people to try someone as guilty even without good evidence.
  • It ignores acknowledged standards of law or justice.
  • The first kangaroo courts originated in the United States in 1849.
  • It was first mentioned in 1853 in a book in the USA.
  • It undermines the importance of the Judiciary and poses a serious challenge to the law and order situation.
  • It also goes against the principle of “Rule of Law”.



  • The media is far from being independent. This is because of the Control of Government over the media Called Censoring and because big business houses Control the media.
  • Corporate Funding - A lot of money is spent on maintaining People and getting the latest technology. To meet this Cost, it needs money.
    • Media, therefore, uses advertising as a tool to raise revenue.
  • Manipulating News for TRPs is not only a financial scam but also morally and ethically wrong.
  • Some Channels are spreading a hate narrative which is a violation of the fundamental right of the citizen to know the truth through the media.
  • The media has become a source of disinformation, and this is also an ethical issue.
    • Both legal and ethical dimensions are equally serious


Way Forward

  • The democratic way of life depends upon the existence of free agencies of mass media.
  • The Media must act in a Responsible and Independence manner; they need to promote Sincerity, Truthfulness, Accuracy, and Impartiality in their work.
  • News reporting must be factual and objective.
  • Programs relating to Controversial public issues are needed to give fair representation to both sides of the issue.
  • Children’s programs are to be educational rather than merely entertaining.
  • Advertising of hard liquor, and fortune-telling, must be avoided.
  • Privacy is one of the fundamental freedoms of people and it is essential to liberty and human dignity.
  • A journalist must be held accountable for the consequences of the reporting.
  • Need to promote a Free and Responsible Press.
  • The technique of murder must be presented in a way that will not inspire imitation.
  • Brutal killings are not to be presented in detail.
  • The media should not report glorification of war, over-sentimentality, unnecessary brutality or killing, passionate love scenes, undue sympathy for immoral or criminal behaviour, or superficiality.
  • Government can facilitate the Reform Process. The government may pass a law that any violation will face legal action or criminal action, but the media needed a strong policy of Self­-regulation and at the same time independent regulation.