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4th December, 2023 MISCELLANEOUS


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Context: Vaishali Rameshbabu and Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa, the sister-brother duo, both achieved the prestigious title of Grandmaster in chess, the highest honour awarded by FIDE, the International Chess Federation.

About Grandmaster

  • A Grandmaster is the most prestigious title awarded by FIDE, recognizing exceptional proficiency in chess. It's a testament to a player's strategic understanding, tactical ability, and consistent performance against elite competition.

Evolution of Grandmaster Titles

  • Initially, the term "grandmaster" was informally used to denote players’ superior to mere masters.
  • The International Chess Federation, FIDE (acronym for its French name Fédération Internationale des Échecs) officially began awarding Grandmaster titles.
  • Over time, the criteria for achieving Grandmaster status evolved, with adjustments in 1957, 1965, and 1970.

International Chess Federation (FIDE)

â—ŹThe International Chess Federation (FIDE), or Fédération Internationale des Échecs in French, is the governing body for the sport of chess.

â—ŹIt was founded in Paris on July 20, 1924, and its motto is "Gens una sumus," which means "We are one family" in Latin.

â—ŹFIDE has its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, and it has 199 member federations.

â—ŹFIDE is responsible for a number of things, including:

â—‹Organizing the World Chess Championship and other international chess tournaments.

â—‹Setting the rules of chess.

â—‹Awarding chess titles, such as Grandmaster, International Master, and FIDE Master.

â—‹Maintaining a rating system for chess players.

â—‹Promoting chess around the world.

â—ŹFIDE is a non-governmental organization, but it is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the governing body for chess.

Qualifications for Grandmaster

  • The current criteria for achieving the Grandmaster title revolve around two main components:
    • FIDE Rating: Attaining a FIDE Classical or Standard rating of 2,500.
    • Grandmaster Norms: Earning three Grandmaster norms, which entail: Achieving a performance rating of 2,600 or higher in specific FIDE tournaments.
  • Tournament Structure: Participating in tournaments with certain characteristics:
    • Nine rounds or more.
    • Playing against opponents from different federations/countries.
    • Opponents must hold specific titles themselves.
  • Once awarded, the Grandmaster title is held for life, unless a player engages in unethical behaviour or cheating, leading to potential revocation by FIDE.


  • Achieving an elite standard in chess, showcasing not just skill but also strategic depth, creativity, and adaptability.

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Q. In which sport is the title "Grandmaster" associated with top-tier practitioners?

A) Golf

B) Tennis

C) Chess

D) Swimming

Answer: C

Explanation: In the realm of chess, "Grandmaster" is the highest title awarded to professional players, signifying their exceptional skill and expertise in the game.