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Google launches simulator to help researchers develop quantum algorithms

9th December, 2020 Science and Technology

Context: Google launched qsim, a new open-source quantum simulator to help researchers develop quantum algorithms.

  • The search-giant has unveiled a new website to get started with qsim and other open-source quantum software.
  • Researchers can access Google’s tools, research initiatives, educational material, latest publications and research repositories from the website.
  • Simulators are important tools for writing and debugging quantum code for developing quantum algorithms.
  • Currently available quantum processors are prone to noise and don’t correct errors, simulators like qsim will allow researchers to explore quantum algorithms under idealized conditions.
  • qsim can simulate around 30 qubits on a laptop, or up to 40 qubits in Google Cloud.
  • Google uses qsim frequently to test and benchmark quantum algorithms and processors.