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30th October, 2023 Science and Technology

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Context: The Dark Patterns Buster Hackathon (DPBH) 2023, launched by the Department of Consumer Affairs in collaboration with IIT (BHU), aimed to inspire the creation of innovative applications and software capable of detecting dark patterns on e-commerce platforms, fostering a more ethical online shopping experience.

About Dark Patterns Buster Hackathon 2023

  • The Department of Consumer Affairs in collaboration with IIT (BHU), launched the Dark Patterns Buster Hackathon 2023. This event aimed to encourage the design and prototyping of innovative applications or software solutions capable of detecting dark patterns on e-commerce platforms.
  • During the event, specific areas of focus were outlined for the participants, including pattern detection accuracy, user-friendly extensions, pattern versioning, generative AI, repository management, data collection with privacy protection, crowd-sourced pattern identification, cross-browser compatibility, and artificial intelligence for detection and performance optimization.
  • Participants were to be evaluated based on criteria such as innovation, demonstration of the solution as a turn-key solution, user interface, user experience, accuracy, reliability, adherence to functionalities and features, privacy, and compliance.
  • The hackathon was divided into four stages:
    • Round 1: Registration of participant teams and host institutes.
    • Round 2: Intra Institute DPBH 2023 was organized.
    • Round 3: Inter Institute DPBH 2023 was organized.
    • Round 4: Distribution of awards and prizes was scheduled for World Consumer Rights Day.
  • Winning teams were to be rewarded with certificates of achievement and prize money, with the 1st prize receiving INR 10 lakhs, 2nd prize INR 5 lakhs, 3rd prize INR 3 lakhs, 4th prize INR 2 lakhs, and the 5th prize INR 1 lakh, respectively.
  • The primary objective of this initiative was to safeguard consumers from all forms of unfair trade practices.

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Q. What are the key strategies and technologies employed to identify and combat dark patterns in e-commerce platforms, ensuring a fair and transparent digital shopping experience for consumers?