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5th February, 2024 International News


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Context: Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the Commonwealth Legal Education Association – Commonwealth Attorney and Solicitors Generals Conference (CLEA – CASGC) 2024 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

Key Highlights of the Prime Minister's Speech

  • Emphasis on Justice: The Prime Minister refers to ancient Indian thinkers and their emphasis on justice, highlighting its foundational role in independent self-governance and nationhood.
  • Theme of the Conference: The PM discusses the conference's theme, 'Cross-Border Challenges in Justice Delivery,' emphasizing the need for collaboration between countries to address modern challenges in justice delivery effectively.
  • Importance of Cooperation: He stresses the importance of cooperation between countries in areas such as investigation and justice delivery, advocating for an understanding of each other's legal systems for improved synergy.
  • Addressing Modern Crime: Acknowledging the changing nature of crime with global networks and technological advancements, he advocates for modernizing legal systems to effectively address contemporary challenges.
  • Reforms in India: The PM discusses various reforms in India aimed at ensuring ease of justice delivery, including establishing evening courts and implementing the concept of Lok Adalat, which have proven effective in providing accessible and efficient justice.
  • Role of Legal Education: He highlights the importance of legal education in enhancing justice delivery and advocates for inclusivity, especially in terms of gender, to increase representation in the legal profession.
  • International Exposure: The PM emphasizes the need for international exposure for young legal professionals through exchange programs and internships, facilitating diverse experiences and learning from international best practices.
  • Impact of Technology: Acknowledging the positive impact of technology on justice delivery, he cites examples such as the use of drones for mapping and providing property cards, indicating India's willingness to share its experiences in this regard.

Commonwealth Legal Education Association (CLEA) - Commonwealth Attorneys and Solicitors General Conference (CASGC) 2024

Background on the Commonwealth

  • Originating from the British Empire, the Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 56 independent and equal countries, with shared goals of development, democracy, and peace.
  • Established by the London Declaration in 1949, the Commonwealth has evolved from its historical roots and is open to any country that subscribes to its principles.

Commonwealth Legal Education Association (CLEA)

  • Founded in 1971, CLEA is a Commonwealth-wide body with regional chapters and committees in Asia, Southern Africa, West Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe.
  • CLEA aims to promote high standards of legal education across the Commonwealth, making it socially relevant and professionally useful.
  • The association focuses on developing law curricula, assisting law schools in adapting to global challenges, and supporting continuing legal education.


  • The conference, with its focus on cross-border challenges in justice delivery and discussions on legal education and ethical dimensions, serves as a vital platform for legal professionals across the Commonwealth to exchange ideas, share experiences, and strengthen international cooperation in the legal domain.


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