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Cabo Delago

14th July, 2021 Geography


  • The European Union has approved a Military Training Mission in Mozambique to support armed forces there to protect the civilian population.
  • It aims to train and support the military in restoring security to northern Cabo Delgado, which has been plagued by extreme violence amid Jihadist attacks since 2017.



  • Mozambique borders Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Eswatini.
  • Its long Indian Ocean coastline of 2,500 kilometers faces east to Madagascar.
  • The country is divided into two topographical regions by the Zambezi River.
  • The country has four notable lakes: Lake Niassa (or Malawi), Lake Chiuta, Lake Cahora Bassa and Lake Shirwa, all in the north.
  • Mozambique is rich in natural resources, is biologically and culturally diverse, and has a tropical climate.

Cabo Delago

  • Cabo Delgado is the northernmost province of Mozambique.
  • Apart from bordering Tanzania, it borders the provinces of Nampula and Niassa.
  • The region is an ethnic stronghold of the Makonde tribe, with the Makua and Mwani as leading ethnic minorities.