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27th March, 2024 Economy


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  • The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has recently approved the establishment of Bima Sugam, an innovative online insurance marketplace aimed at revolutionizing the insurance sector in India.
  • This initiative aligns with the broader vision of achieving "Insurance for all by 2047" and underscores IRDAI's commitment to modernize and democratize the insurance landscape.

What is Bima Sugam?

E-commerce Platform for Insurance:

  • Bima Sugam serves as a comprehensive e-commerce platform where insurance companies can showcase and sell their products.
  • It consolidates offerings from both life and non-life insurance providers under a unified digital roof.

End-to-End Digital Journey:

  • From purchasing insurance policies to renewals, claim settlements, and grievance redressal, Bima Sugam promises an 'end-to-end' digital experience for policyholders.
  • It acts as a centralized hub for all insurance stakeholders, fostering transparency, efficiency, and collaboration throughout the insurance value chain.

Unified Integration:

  • Bima Sugam integrates seamlessly with various government databases, insurers, intermediaries, and insurance repositories.
  • This integration facilitates streamlined processes for fetching customer details, providing product information, and facilitating insurance transactions.

How Does Bima Sugam Benefit Customers?

Paperless Insurance Experience:

  • With Bima Sugam, customers bid farewell to cumbersome paperwork associated with traditional insurance channels.
  • Policies are digitized and stored in electronic insurance accounts, offering convenience and ease of access for policyholders.

Centralized Policy Management:

  • Bima Sugam consolidates all insurance policies—life, health, and non-life—within a single application or window.
  • Customers can conveniently view policy details, renewal dates, and raise service requests from one unified portal.

Affordability and Transparency:

  • Bima Sugam endeavors to make insurance policies more affordable by reducing intermediaries' commissions.
  • Direct selling through the platform is anticipated to lead to lower premiums for policyholders, promoting accessibility and affordability.

Industry Perspectives:

Streamlining the Insurance Value Chain:

  • Industry leaders view Bima Sugam as a transformative force in streamlining the insurance value chain, from policy issuance to claim settlement.
  • The platform aims to enhance transparency, collaboration, and accessibility across all stages of insurance transactions.

Regulator's Credibility and Accessibility:

  • Bima Sugam is hailed as a game-changer in the insurance sector, analogous to UPI's impact on the banking sector.
  • It offers insurers and customers alike a trusted platform for selling, servicing, and settling claims, backed by regulatory credibility.
  • Through Bima Sugam, the Indian insurance sector embarks on a journey towards digitalization, accessibility, and affordability, ushering in a new era of convenience and empowerment for policyholders.


Q. What is the primary function of Bima Sugam?

a) To provide physical insurance policies to customers

b) To regulate the insurance industry

c) To offer investment advice to policyholders

d) To serve as an e-commerce platform for buying and selling insurance products

Answer d)