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'Azaadi SAT'

6th August, 2022 Science and Technology


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  • The Indian Space Research Organization will send a small satellite launch vehicle. It is a three-stage vehicle with all solid propulsion stages.



  • The mission is to launch Earth Observation Satellite, EOS-02, and a co-passenger satellite, 'Azaadi SAT', into low earth orbit.
  • The 'Azaadi Satellite' is designed by 750 girl students of government schools in rural areas from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.
  • AzadiSAT is the result of ISRO pushing for girls to take up Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).
  • The eight-kilogram CubeSat carries 75 different payloads, each weighing around 50 grams, that will conduct femto-experiments.
  • ISRO will use the ground system that is developed by Space Kidz India for telemetry and communicating with the payloads in orbit.


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  • About:The Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (or SSLV) is a small-lift launch vehicle being developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).
  • Aim:The SSLV was developed with the aim of launching small satellites commercially at drastically reduced price and higher launch rate as compared to Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV).
  • Capacity and Features:It has a payload capacity to deliver 600 kg. SSLV is a three-stage, all-solid launch vehicle that can carry a payload weighing 500 kilograms to the polar orbit, 500 kilometers above Earth's surface and a 300-kilogram payload into Sun Synchronous Polar Orbit. It has the capability to support multiple orbital drop-offs. The SSLV is the smallest vehicle at 110-ton mass at ISRO. It can carry satellites weighing up to 500 kg to a low earth orbit while the tried and tested PSLV can launch satellites weighing in the range of 1000 kg.


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