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Artemis Accords

1st June, 2021 International Relations

GS PAPER II: Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests.

Context: New Zealand became the eleventh signatory to the Artemis Accords, a blueprint for space cooperation and supporting the U.S. space agency's plans to return humans to the moon by 2024 and to launch a historic human mission to Mars.

About Artemis Accords:

  • This accord ensures that space exploration is conducted in a safe, sustainable and transparent manner and in full compliance with international law.
  • As more countries establish a presence in outer space, via research stations, satellites, or even rocket launches, these accords provide a set of principles to create a safe and transparent environment that inspires exploration, science, and commercial activities.
  • The other signatories to the accords are the U.S., Australia, Britain, Canada, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, and Ukraine. Brazil also said it plans to sign.