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21st July, 2021 Science and Technology


  • IIT Ropar has developed a first-of-its-kind Oxygen Rationing Device – AMLEX.



  • AMLEX is designed to increase the life of medical oxygen cylinders.
  • AMLEX supplies a required volume of oxygen to the patient during inhalation and trips when the patient exhales CO2.
  • This process saves oxygen which otherwise unnecessarily get wasted.



  • So far, during exhalation, the oxygen in the oxygen cylinder/pipe is pushed out along with the exhaled CO2 by the user.
  • This leads to wastage of a large volume of oxygen in long run.
  • In addition to this, a large volume of oxygen escapes from the openings of the mask to the environment in the resting period (between inhalation and exhalation) due to continuous flow of life saving gas in the mask.
  • As we have seen the demand of medical oxygen has jumped manifold amid the second wave of Covid-19, the device would help in stopping the unwanted wastage of the same.
  • The device can operate on both portable power supply (battery) as well as line supply (220V-50Hz).
  • Made specifically for oxygen cylinders, AMLEX can be easily connected between oxygen supply line and the mask worn by the patient.
  • It uses a sensor which senses and successfully detects inhalation and exhalation of the user in any environmental condition.