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UPSC Preliminary Guide: Indian Polity (PART-III)

26th September, 2020 Prelims

UPSC Preliminary Guide: Indian Polity (PART-III)


Indian Polity holds an important role in UPSC Civil Services Preliminary examination. Every year it produces a huge opportunity to those who are quite good at it. However, it is almost like a two edged sword.

Why ?

Simply, because it requires a lot interpretation which created plenty of confusions as far as an average candidate is concerned. So while reading Polity, one important part of preparation repertoire is to analyse and practice previous years’ question papers.

In our Last Write Up We have given the list of Questions Asked from Indian Polity during the UPSC CSE Prelims 2019. 

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This is the 3rd Issue on Indian Polity and here I am going to give you the questions which were asked during UPSC Civil Services Examination 2017.


Questions Asked in the Year 2017


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