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8th October, 2020 Mains



UPSC Civil Services Examination is one of the toughest examination in India. It demands Smartness, Perseverance, Patience and immense Efficiency from the aspirants. While the Preliminary examination is over and almost all the aspirants have got an idea regarding their probable scores. So our suggestion is, if you are scoring 45+ number of questions, you may surely start your MAINS preparation.The worst case scenario will be the one in which you get eliminated from the Preliminary stage. However, all these will help you in UPSC 2021.

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Is it Possible ?

Well, it may sound too surprising to be true, that one can prepare for UPSC CSE Mains in 3 months, but it is very much possible. However, one need to have determination, a great attitude and efficiency in getting things done at the right time.

It requires an Inverted Pyramid Approach


Inverted Pyramid Approach


Pyramid 1 : Number of Contents


The PYRAMID FOR TIME ALLOCATION should just be the inverted form of this.


Well, one may have thousands of resources, but when it comes to UPSC CSE, one must not forget that this is neither a research nor a Five year project. The main demand of the examination is to spot the General Awareness even amidst the most complex of the topics.

So one needs to cut down his/her resources to a limited number of materials, which is compiled form of all the materials he/she is possessing.

Maximum focus should be given on Answer Writing and Revision. Practice it HERE 

Invest your Time Wisely

If we go Time invested in each of these parts, then it is just the opposite. We need to make sure that we give maximum time to answer writing and minimum time to go through various resources on same topic.

  • Simply make sure that you have the simple, logical and analytical material and continue.
  • Cover all the topics in UPSC CSE MAINS syllabus and make sure you have static notes as well as a compilation of dynamic issues involving the topic.
  • Go through Previous years’ papers and make sure you write answers to all those questions.
  • Revise and never get tired.

Once you have grip on the whole syllabus, never waste your time and subscribe a Mock Test Series for answer writing. Write your answers and make sure you analyse them to get better. You need to remember that

“ While a bad answer takes away both your marks and time , a good answer will create a great impression and definitely reward you with some valuable marks.”


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Essay Writing

Essay writing I considered by many as the beauty of this Examination. This particular paper separates the goods one from the great ones. While a very precisely written Essay makes sure that you end in the north of the cut off barrier, a bad essay will be a matter of despair for you.

Good essays can be written only when you devote your time in reading newspaper editorials, special articles and practice writing essays religiously.

Inculcating the habit of reading books also helps in this regard.

But yes, Reading and Writing Habits hold the key when it comes to essay writing in UPSC CSE MAINS.



To master the Optional subject, one needs to think like someone who has done specialised studies on the subject. This is the only place, where, you need to reflect specialised knowledge on a particular subject. They key is to remember that everything has it’s perspectives and consequences. You just need to find and relate them in a subtle logical way to get into an futuristic conclusion.

  • Fix 2 hours daily to prepare for optional subject as well. You better revise whole optional two or three times before the mains exam.



The main challenge that UPSC MAINS throws at you in the form of Time and Word limit is that, you are basically paralysed to think on multiple topics ranging from the Nanotubes to the Neolithic era. You need to devise your answers in almost no time and present it in such a way that you have a sound understanding of the topic.

The Clarity and Efficiency demanded by the examination is only possible with daily practice with staunch determination. A positive attitude and the focus to succeed are the main ingredients required to succeed in the UPSC exam within a short time.